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lesson plans

6th grade-

getting a new group of 6th graders… Monday- crating a profolio 

Starting on Tuesday- Starting on our watercolor leaves. 

First we draw them out. Things I’m looking for- make sure they are BIG, at least one over, one hangs off the page, and at least 4.

Then we trace onto watercolor paper, trace in crayon to form resist and watercolor by using a wet on wet technique. 


7th grade- we already started an austrailian aborigal art, by using symbolism, we create a story. We then place it on canvas and paint our story. 

I plan on introducing the dotting technique on Tuesday, a clever way to camo the story.


8th grade- they are continuing a study of a master’s on canvas using acrylic. Each student found a painting or artist that influenced them and they try to recreate it on canvas 



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