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lesson plans

September 10-13

6th grade-

The 6th grade will be  finishing their sculptures of the animal of their choice. Some will be painting them if they finished them on Thursday. Everyone will be painting on Tuesday. Wednesday is our last day party day. They get a chance to finish any project they didn’t get to finish in the time they were with me.


Art 1- We are starting a oil pastel still life pumkin project. We are working on drawing and putting together a still life that overlaps to create unity. At least 5 big ojbects to fill the page. Will introduce oil pastels on Wednesday.


Advanced Art- I introduced they principles of art. They will design their own quote that is divided into 7 sectons. Each section will display an image that best explains each priniplc. Balance, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhthym, variety, contrast, proportion and unity.



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