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Class Information

Mrs. Morris’ Classroom Information

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Planning Period: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri 11:20 to 12:08


Textbook & Online Textbook

A textbook will be checked out at the beginning of the school year.

If for any reason the textbook checked out to the student is lost or damaged, it must be replaced for $100.

The Online textbook has a “tutor” for each lesson.

Within the first few weeks of school, the student will be given an instruction sheet with more information on how to obtain a

username and password for the online textbook.


Students should expect homework on a daily basis.

Time will be given to start the work in class, but should be finished at home.

Homework must be done in pencil and graded in red (pen or pencil).

Students grade their own homework in an effort to learn immediately from their mistakes.

Students will turn in a graded paper OR fill out a R.A.P. sheet. The R.A.P. sheets allow the student to turn in an

assignment at a later date.

Students will receive half credit for “late” assignments. For example: a 10 point paper will be given a grade no

higher than 5 points. A 14 point paper will be given a grade no higher than 7 points. etc.

Missing assignments can be turned in up until the student takes the chapter test.  


Advisory/R.A.P.       (Raising Academic Performance)

Students will be given an opportunity to pick a 25 minute “Reward Room”.  For example: Movie, P.E. (Dodgeball),

Game Room (board games), Social Room, AR/Study Hall.

Students can pick the AR room to read and/or take AR tests. 

Students can pick the Study Hall to complete homework.

Students may be assigned to RAP:

Students can use this time to complete missing assignments in any subject area.

Students can make up quizzes and tests for all of their classes during this time.

Students can also use R.A.P. to get caught up on missing work after an absence.

Lesson Plans

Every Monday, students will write down the lesson plans for the week in their math folder.

Students can use these lessons to plan and prepare for the week ahead.

Lesson plans are also posted on my web page. ( See website address above)



“Life is hard by the yard, but it’s a cinch by the inch.”



Mrs. Morris                Pre-Algebra                 


Pre-Algebra Class

Each day I will give you small pieces of information that will help you be successful in Pre-Algebra.  This course is ultimately designed to prepare students for Algebra I, while there are review lessons for arithmetic skills, all algebraic vocabulary and form are used throughout the course.  So I can better prepare you for next year, students will be required to show all of their work.


Feel free to contact me by phone at (580)772-2270

or by email at

Planning Period: Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri 11:20 to 12:08

Supplies Needed:

Pencil                                                             Red Pen/Pencil                               

Notebook paper                                           3 Tab Dividers         

3 ring binder w/pockets

Classroom Rules                                        Consequence

Don’t make a problem.                              If you make a problem, I will do something.

Anything that interferes with our learning or creates a distraction to the productivity of our class will be addressed.


**Please sign and return this entire form.  A copy of this form has been put on my webpage.**


________    I have read and understand the classroom information on both sides of this signed paper.  I will do my best to abide by these rules and routines and will accept the consequences when necessary.


Student Signature:_____________________________________


Please encourage your child to stay involved in his/her education and stress the importance of daily participation. Thank you for being an important part of your child’s learning experience this year.



Parent Signature:______________________________________


Our normal class routine:

  • Students should participate during the lesson and take notes of the examples that I do in class, adding to their cheat sheet as needed.

  • Students are then given an opportunity to practice the concepts on the homework assignment.  (generally ranging from 8 to 16 problems)

  • The following day, students will grade their own homework and see first hand what mistakes were made.

  • Students are then given an opportunity to ask questions, and I will re-work any problems they did not understand.

I will allow students to redo their homework assignments for a 75% credit.  Redos are only available if the assignment was complete and turned in on time. (Late grades can not be re-done for a higher grade.)  Since students grade their own homework and are given a chance to ask questions, redoing the assignment is a great way to correct their mistakes and pick up some extra points for their average.  Redos should be completed quickly while the information is fresh in their mind.

There is a “Homework” basket in the front of my class room.  Students need to have their Name, Hour, and Assignment on their paper.  If any of this information is missing, it is difficult to put a grade in the grade book.  If a student believes they handed in a paper and a grade has not been entered in the grade book, they may want to check the “Homework” basket.  

I also allow students to correct their quizzes and tests for half credit added back.  If a student would like to make corrections, they can come see me to set up a time for their corrections.  (This privilege could end at any time.)

The Weatherford Schools have purchased a program called ALEKS.  It is a program that will give students a individualized education based on their own strengths and weaknesses.  The math department would like for all students to reach an 80% completion rate before the Oklahoma State Testing in April.  I would encourage all students to work toward their goal at home.  If they would like to work during their Advisory time, they can pick the ALEKS room as their reward room for the week.  The ALEKS program is a great way for students to get the individualized learning that they need at their own pace.  I can not stress enough how valuable this could be to prepare for State Testing and/or ACT Aspire testing.  

Deb Morris

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