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About Pat Lightfoot


Pat Lightfoot


From the time that I learned that alphabet letters made sounds and that those sounds could be joined together to make words, I was hooked!  I have always been enchanted with the emotion and the information that words can deliver.  As a young child, I learned that my library card gave me access to worlds that my southwestern Oklahoma roots could never supply.  I have hidden with slaves on the underground railroad, soared the skies with Amelia Earhart, and looked down from Mt. Olympus as poor Icarus took the plunge.  I have stepped up to bat with Jackie Robinson, sat down to eat with British royalty, and deciphered messages  with the Navajo code talkers.  All of these adventures have prepared me for the job that I enjoy each day in room 103 at WMS...teaching sixth grade reading!  Appreciating the beauty of the written word as well as learning to use it effectively are skills that I love to see develop within my students.  

I am the mother of three grown children, a son and two daughters (Joshua, Tiffaney, and Bonnie) and "Nana" to two beautiful grandsons, Hunter Bo and Benjamin Lawrence, and two gorgeous granddaughters, Esther Ann and Anna Brooke.    I love taking walks...not the brisk kind that are good for one's cardiovascular health...but the kind of walk that allows for dipping one's toes in creek water, building a rock sculpture on red clay hills, or closing one's eyes to inhale the fragrance of locust blossoms in the spring.  I love all kinds of music...gospel, jazz, pop, folk, classic rock, and country. The best concerts I have ever attended have been in my own front yard with talented family members singing and strumming their strings around a campfire.  Although I neither play an instrument nor sing, I have an avid appreciation for those who do!  

I am blessed to teach in a building that is truly a family, among co-workers who are truly my friends, in a school district that is truly supportive,  within a community that is truly my home.  How I love Weatherford!  

Pat Lightfoot

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I love writing.  I love the swirl and swing of words as they tangle with human emotions.

 -James Michener


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