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6th Grade Brass

Welcome to the 6th Grade Beginning Band!!!



What We Do

  • We create young musician that not only make music, know music, love music, and appreciate music but also become life-long supporters of the arts as well as model citizens



What We Will Learn

  • How to Read Music – the correct interpretation of written rhythms, notes, symbols, and words.


  • How to Make a Great Sound – making characteristic instrument sounds (tone) and blending with all of the other instruments.


  • How to Practice Effectively – nobody get better at anything unless they take steps to do so. We show you how to make your practice minutes (10-20 minutes a day) work.


  • Performance Etiquette – how to prepare and dress for performances as well as how to listen.


  • Teamwork – Music is not a solitary event. Every person has a place as wither a performer, supporter, or listener.

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