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Educational Websites

District Policies

Here is a link to all our school district policies. It is lengthy but gives lots of information!

Here you will find parental and student rights, confidentiality policies, and district policies relating to Special Education services available.

District Wide Special Education Coordinator

This is a link to our district special education coordinator’s webpage.  Her name is Melissa Sharry, and she is AMAZING.  If you cannot get an answer that you need from me, she is a great resource, and a wealth of knowledge about anything Special Ed!

Oklahoma State Department of Education

This is a link to the Oklahoma State Department of Education.  There are many resources availiable here, as well as OK State standards for both general and alternative education.

Parent Rights/Confidentiality for Special Education

This is another link to the Oklahoma State Department of Education Website that will take you directly to the Parent Resource Tab.  Here you will find a copy of all Parent Rights in regards to Special Education.  These are the papers that you are offered at each IEP meeting!  


This is the online reading program that I use to supplement reading lessons in our classroom.  Since this is not a free program, kids cannot access this from home, but it will give you as a parent an overview.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


This is a math game that we play in our classroom.  Kids can also play at home, and they love it!!  If they do not remember their login, please let me know and I will get it to you!

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