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Hey guys!!  Just wanted to touch base with you and tell you I am so sad we will not get to finish the projects I had planned for us.  I hate ending the school year like this but it is what it is and we will all survive and be better for going through this.  I hope all of you are well and are taking care of yourself.  I miss seeing you and I know all of you miss my 80’s music. 

I have posted links to the Kahn Academy the advanced class was working on and I have suggested that the 6th grade keyboarding complete the typing .com lessons.  If you need help logging in just let me know.  

Both classes, advanced and 6th, were going to work on power point this last nine weeks.  I have included a link on searching techniques and also a link for a power point tutorial.  I would love for you to make me a power point presentation over the topic in the instructions.  If you do not have access to power point or Gmail it is ok.  No worries.  I love you guys and I hope to see you on the zoom meetings.  I have posted the links below.


Again, stay safe and I will look forward to seeing you


Coach Pond

Please take a look at the educational websites link for tutorials and coding programs.

I have added the page for the 6th grade keyboarding to finish the advanced lessons.

I have also added the gcfglobal learning link for both 6th and advanced computer students to go through the tutorial on bettter searching and powerpoint.

I would like for each student to make a powerpoint presentation over their top 5 favorite things or what I did during the quarantine.  Include text and pictures and also information you researched about at least one of your favorite things or some research about quarantines, the covid19 virus etc.  For example, horses are one of my favorite things so I will research general information about horses and maybe list some fun facts.  If you do not have powerpoint on your computer but have a gmail, you can use google slides. 

Email your presentations to me at See you on Zoom!!


Coach Pond

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