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Louise Nevelson Assemblage


1st Distance Learning Visual Art Project

The very first at home project I would like to try to start is a Louise Nevelson assemblages. Louise Nevelson was one of the most important American sculptors of the 20th century. Known for her abstract expressionist crates, she used found objects or every day discarded things in her assemblages. “When you put together things you find you bring them to a new life.” She began to make environments in wood in the late 1950’s. They began as tabletop pieces, then became human scale columns and finally were room size walls and installations. She would paint her pieces all one color (monocramatic), usually black, white, gray or gold. At first they were black and then became white and gold as well.


Remember this project just requires stuff or trash you find around your home or yard. If you are having a hard time finding things, you can use pasta noodles of cardboard of different shapes and sizes.  Louise Nevelson was known for turning trash into treasure!! I’m excited to see what all of my students examples!!

Talking about the project-

Louise Nevelson-

pasta example-

found objects example-


Please send pictures!! I would love to upload them to the art school website!