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Suggested distant learning ideas and activities for music and choir

March Madness listening activity:

Click on links of songs, compare the two in the bracket and then pick the winner, do this in all sections and then you will have the FINAL FOUR.  I would suggest you do a bracket a week, you will be able to sing along if you wish, try to sing your part, or just listen and follow along.  By doing a bracket a week, you will have fresh ears for each song.

Learn to play an instrument: 

This link will take you to a website that is offering free instrunction on how to play an instrument.  I would suggest you pick beginner unless you already have a baseline of knowledge and then ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t wait to hear.

Internet Scavenger Hunt:

Use your search engine to find the answers OR mom and dad.

Listening Activities:

Listen to the following music taken from Disney and The Jackson 5, answer the following questions, you can use Google.  Listen as a family or on your own.

Virtual Choir:

Read the following information about virtual choirs and one the composer who got it all started.  Click on links to read about the composer and hear the choirs.

Want to watch a Broadway musical? and Theater Mania is offereing free viewing of some musicals.

Sight Singing – U BETTER SING!  A 3 part video about sight singing and the realtionships with each pitch.  This cartoon is kinda quirky but I thought you might enjoy, you are stuck in your house.  HAHA  – Watch videos in order.