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7th Grade Pre-Enrollment


7th Grade

Pre-Enrollment Instructional Video

We know that your child’s second year in the middle school experience will be full of new activities and adventures in learning.  With your support, encouragement, and cooperation, we are sure their 7th grade experience will be positive.


Academics: 7th grade students are currently required to take five core classes:  Math, English, Science, Geography, and Literature/Spanish.  In addition to the required courses, students will have two elective periods.


Lunch accounts:  7th grade lunch is from 11:34 am to 11:59 am.  Money may be deposited into your child’s computerized lunch account in the cafeteria.  No charges are allowed. Your child’s account balance is available from the cafeteria until 2:00 pm. The cafeteria phone number is 772- 3412.  Ala Carte tickets are available for $10.00 and are purchased separately from their lunch account.


Lockers: Each student will be issued a locker at the beginning of school.  Locks are not provided, but you may bring one to put on it. Combination or key locks may be used and a spare key or combination may be kept in the main office in case of loss.   No locker changes are allowed!


Supplies:  A flat fee of $25 is paid to the school.  This will ensure that your student will receive the necessary supplies for their classes.‚Äč


Attendance:  Because instruction and interaction with teachers are extremely important factors in student learning, we encourage your child to be on time and in school each day. If your child cannot be here, please contact the office before 10:00am in the morning at 772-2270. You may request homework by 10:00am for make-up work if your child will be out of school for several days.  Late students must check in at the office before going to class. If a student misses less than 15 minutes,  (beginning or end of a class) they will receive a tardy.  Missing more than 15 minutes will be counted as an absence. All students must be checked out through the office before leaving campus during school hours.


Guidance Services:  Mrs. Mickley is available to assist you with any questions you have regarding enrollment, grade reports, or special academic difficulties.  Please feel free to contact her about any concerns or questions you have about your child here at WMS.


Conduct:  In order to fully understand what is expected at WMS, it is important that the guidelines in the handbook be carefully read.  We have a set of standards to help students maintain a respectful, responsible attitude towards themselves, their peers, adults, and property.  We appreciate your commitment to help reinforce positive, high ideals and responsible behavior with your child.


Report Cards:  Report cards will be sent home each nine weeks.  Periodically we will send out progress reports within the nine-week period.  You can also access your child’s grades through the “PowerSchool” online grade book.


Telephone Calls:  We ask that phone calls be limited to emergencies.  The use of cell phones (including texting) is not allowed during school hours.  If you or your child needs to communicate during school hours, please call our middle school office.


7th Grade

Elective Courses


BAND:  Band is available to all 7th graders.  A variety of opportunities for performances are available through parades, festivals, and concerts.  Grades are determined by performance ability, participation, and achievement.


CHOIR:  This course will be a study of basic music concepts.  Students will have the opportunity to participate in several public concerts throughout the year.  There will also be opportunities to compete in group and solo competitions.  Students will need to purchase a shirt for the performance.  Grade is determined by performance ability, participation, and achievement.


PHYSICAL EDUCATION:  Students will learn participate in a number of sports including: soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, rugby, badminton, ping-pong, tennis, and gymnastics.  Other organized games will be introduced throughout the year. This choice will combine both 7th and 8th grade students in one setting.


ART: This is an introduction to art and application of the elements and principles of art.  Students learn drawing and painting techniques, make hand built clay items, and other creative projects.


WEIGHTLIFTING: This course will cover the basics of how to properly lift weights for the purpose of increasing strength and maintaining healthy lifting habits.


SPEECH/DEBATE: This elective will provide the opportunities to learn and grow through the subject of effective speaking skills and healthy argumentative habits.  This elective will also all students to compete in local competitions.


TECH ED:  Technology Education provides students with daily hands-on experience enabling them to explore career opportunities, develop in technological literacy, and identify educational avenues for pursuit of interests.  Student experiences include: robotics, electronics, lasers, animation, aerospace, and mass production.  Activities capitalize on each individual’s potential for reasoning and problem solving, imagining, and creating, and for construction and critical thinking through use of tools and materials related to technology.


ADVANCED COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY:  Students will be involved in detailed school projects such as designing web pages. Students will also be involved in individual teacher projects as assigned.  Students must be proficient using I-Movie, Power Point, Microsoft Word, and Adobe Photoshop.  They must be independent and responsible for meeting deadlines.


ATHLETICS:  Competitive sports programs are offered for students in 7th grade. ***Attention: When athletes are not in season, they will be placed in a PE class during the off-season.


  • Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball, and Track
  • Soccer: After school practice only/NOT A CLASS PERIOD

     **If you are ONLY playing Soccer, do not choose athletics as an elective.


  • Basketball, Track, Softball
  • Volleyball & Soccer:  After school practice only. NOT A CLASS PERIOD

**If you are ONLY playing Soccer/Volleyball, do not choose athletics as an elective.



Students must qualify in order to participate in an Honors program at the middle school. Students must meet 2 of the following 3 criteria for each subject math or English:








90% or above in English AND reading on most recent achievement test


Advanced score in English and reading subjects on the OSTP


Exceeding score on the summative Aspire test


  • Honor’s English Class Average: 80% overall grade in current class


  • Regular’s English Class Average: 95% overall grade in current class


  • Recommendation from current English teacher.



90% or above in total math on most recent achievement test


Advanced score in math on the OSTP


Exceeding score on the summative Aspire test


  • Honor’s Math Class Average: 80% overall grade in current class


  • Regular’s Math Class Average: 95% overall grade in current class


  • Recommendation from current math teacher.



HONOR’S AP ENGLISH: This class fosters an understanding of the 7th grade language arts curriculum including the basic structure of a sentence, identification of the parts of a sentence, capitalization, and punctuation.  Application of these skills through the writing process will be emphasized as students develop paragraph and manuscript length compositions.  Students will work at an accelerated pace, finding opportunities for both independent and shared decision making.  This class features projects suited for the responsible and self-motivated learner.


HONOR’S PRE-ALGEBRA: Students will be introduced to evaluating expressions, solving and graphing equations involving all four operations of real numbers.  This will include integers as well as integral decimals and fractions.  Problem solving through work problems will be stressed to show practical application of the equation solving process.  The teaching of percentages will reinforce equation solving as well as problem solving with practical application.  A large geometry unit will concentrate on definitions, formulas, perimeters, areas and volumes of common geometric shapes.  Students will work with probability and statistics.  Final emphasis will be on monomials and polynomials.


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