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6th Grade Pre-Enrollment


6th Grade

Pre-Enrollment Instructional Video

Welcome to Weatherford Middle School!  We know that your child’s middle school experience will be full of new activities and adventures in learning.  With your support, encouragement, and cooperation, we are sure the transition from elementary school to middle school will be positive. 


Our sixth grade students are currently required to take six courses:  Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Reading, and Computer Skills/Music.  In addition to the six required courses, students will have one elective period.  The two options are Band or Exploratory Class.  The Exploratory class consists of Art, Technology Education, Physical Education, Nutrition, Intro to Weightlifting, Money Management, and Health each lasting twenty-five days.


School Sports will be available in the 7th and 8th grades.


Lunch:  6th grade lunch is from 12:24 pm to 12:49am.  Money may be deposited into your child’s computerized lunch account in the cafeteria.  No charges are allowed. Your child’s account balance is available from the cafeteria until 2:00 pm. The cafeteria phone number is 772- 3412. 


Lockers: Each student will be issued a locker at the beginning of school.  Locks are not provided, but you may bring one to put on your locker.  Combination or key locks may be used and a spare key or combination may be kept in the main office in case of loss.


Supplies:  A flat fee of $25 is paid to the school.  This will ensure that your student will receive the necessary supplies for their classes.


Attendance:  Because instruction and interaction with teachers are extremely important factors in student learning, we encourage your child to be on time and in school each day.    If your child will not be at school, please contact the office before 10:00am in the morning at 772-2270. You may request homework by 10:00am if your child will be out of school for several days.  Late students must check in at the office before going to class. If a student misses less than 15 minutes,  (beginning or end of a class) they will receive a tardy.  Missing more than 15 minutes will be counted as an absence.  All students must be checked out through the office before leaving campus during school hours.


Conduct:  In order to fully understand what is expected at WMS, it is important that the guidelines in the handbook be carefully read.  We have a set of standards to help students maintain a respectful, responsible attitude towards themselves, their peers, adults, and property.  We appreciate your commitment to help reinforce positive, high ideals and responsible behavior with your child.


Report Cards:  Report cards will be sent home each nine weeks.  Periodically we will send out progress reports within the nine-week period.  You can also access your child’s grades through the “PowerSchool” online grade book.


Telephone Calls:  We ask that phone calls be limited to emergencies. If you need to get a message to your child, please go through the front office.  The use of cell phones (including texting) is not allowed during school hours.   


Guidance Services:  Mrs. Mickley is available to assist you with any questions you have regarding enrollment, grade reports, or special academic difficulties.  Please feel free to contact Mrs. Mickley, about any concerns or questions you have about your child here at WMS.


6th Grade

Elective Courses

* Students will be able to choose one of the following.


Beginning band will emphasize the fundamental skills of learning to read music and play elementary compositions.  Students will be grouped to receive instruction according to the type of instrument they play: woodwind, brass, and percussion.


**These classes will rotate every twenty-five days.  Students will have the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of subjects, each under a different teacher.


    Physical Education

    Intro. To Technology

    Money Management

    Intro to Weightlifting




Music/Computer: Students are automatically enrolled in one of these courses as their 2nd elective.  This is a semester class.  If they are enrolled in computer during the 1st semester, then they will be switched to music for the 2nd semester.  (If a student receives Title reading or special education services, then they will not be enrolled in a music/computer class.)




6th grade


HONORS MATH:  (must qualify) This class will be working in a 7th grade textbook.  It will briefly cover the four basic operations; geometry, ratio, proportion, percent, statistics, probability, and measurement.  The course will be more in depth in areas of algebraic equation, formulas, integers, graphing, and problem solving.


HONORS PRE-AP ENGLISH: (must qualify) This class will accomplish the same objectives as a required English class at an accelerated rate.



MATH:  *Must have at least two of the following to qualify   

   1. 90% or above in total math on most recent achievement test or score advanced in math on the OSTP or an exceeding score on the ACT Aspire

   2.  95% overall grade in current regular math class or a class grade of at least 80% in an Honors class

       3.  Recommendation from current math teacher

PRE-AP ENGLISH: *Must have at least two of the following to qualify

  1. 90% or above in total language AND total reading on most recent achievement test or score advanced in reading on the OSTP or an exceeding score on the ACT Aspire95% or above in current regular 2.
  2. English class or a class grade of at least 80% in an Honors class
  3. Recommendation from current English teacher

Pre-Enrollment Form 

Pre-Enrollment Paper Copy