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Lesson Plans

Week of 10/7-10/11

     Monday Oct 7

         Latitude and Longitude Flocabulary Notes

         Using a Map Grid Worksheet

    Tuesday Oct 8

         Finish Using a Map Grid Worksheet- Review it

         Latitude and Longitude Worksheet Packet

    Wednesday Oct 9

         Finish Latitude and Longitude Worksheet Packet

    Thursday Oct 10

         Latitude/Longitude/Grid Notes

         Latitude/Longitude Flocabulary Worksheets

     Friday Oct 11

         Finish Latitude/Longitude Flocabulary Worksheets

Week of 9/30-10/4

     Monday Sept 30- No School/Parent-Teacher Conferences   

    Tuesday Oct 1

          Flocabulary Map Skills

          Elements of a Map Worksheet Packet

   Wednesday Oct 2

          Finish Elements of a Map Worksheet Packet

         Go over Elements of a Map Worksheet Packet

          Watch Flocabulary Map Skills 

          Compass Rose Bonus Worksheet Due

Thursday Oct 3

         Watch Flocabulary Map Skills         

         Latitude/Longitude Handout-Highlight and put in notes

         Latitude/Longitude Worksheet packet 

Friday Oct 4

        Compass Rose Test- must label the cardinal and intermediate directions on a Compass Rose

        Watch Flocabulary Map Skills

        Hemispheres Handout- Highlight and put in notes

        Hemispheres Cut out and Glue in Notes

        Hemisphere worksheets

Week of 9/23-9/27

    Monday Sept 23

         Oceans & Continents Flocabulary

         Geography Facts- Continents and Oceans- Read and answer questions, Put in Notes

         Continents and Oceans Study Guide- We will have a test over Continents and Oceans tomorrow

   Tuesday Sept 24

         Continents and Oceans Test

         Section 1.1-1.3 Lesson Reviews

   Wednesday Sept 25

         Ch. 1 Section 2.1 Elements of a Map pg 18

         Map Skills Flocabulary

        Map and Globe Skills Hand out- Read over, highlight and Put in notes

        Elements of a Map Hand out- highlight and put in notes

Thursday Sept 26

        Map Skills Flocabulary

        Understanding Maps Notes

        What is a Map Legend- Cut and put in notes

Friday Sept 27

        Cardinal Directions- Label, Cut and Glue in Notes

        Key/Legend, Reading a Map Worksheet



Week of 9/16-9/20

   Monday Sept 16

        Hand back Continents Test, Continents Bonus Worksheet, and Continents Read and Answer Flocabulary

        Label, Color, Cut, Glue Oceans into Notes

        Read and discuss Oceans Flocabulary Notes

  Tuesday Sept 17

       Constitution Day Activities

          Constitution Flocabulary Videos

          Preamble Activity- Cut and glue into notes

Wednesday Sept 18

        School wide Social Media and Vape Presentation

Thursdasy Sept 19

        Continents and Oceans Flocabulary 

        Oceans Question and answer using Oceans Flocabulary Notes

Friday Sept 20

        Oceans Test

        Study Guide for Continents and Oceans- Color, Cut, Glue into Notes        

Week of 9/9-9/13

  Monday Sept 9

              Flocabulary Review- Regions and Continents

              Continents of the World – Color and Label

  Tuesday Sept 10

              Mrs. Mickley Presentation- Time Management Tips of 6th Grade

  Wednesday Sept 11

             9/11 Activity

             Hand Flag Activity

   Thursday Sept 12

            Flocabulary – Continents, Ocean

            Cut and Glue Continents of the World into our notes

            Continents Flocabulary Worksheet- read the paragraph and answer the questions

   Friday Sept 13

            Continents Test –  Label the Continents – Students have study guide in their notes. Students will need to be able to                             write out the continents

            World Map- Color and put in notes

            Continents- mutliple choice for bonus points