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Accelerated Reader (AR)

Reading 20 minutes a day

Accelerated Reader

Students are required to read 20 points per 9-week period that will account for two test grades. Students should expect to read about 20 minutes a day to achieve this goal. Please refer to my syllabus to review my grading system and policies.

Mrs. Ray dedicates onc day per week in her lesson plans for AR reading time. If the library is availaible, each class will attend the library together on this day so that students have the opportunity not only to read their AR books, but also to check-out/re-check, take AR tests, etc.  On the AR Reading Day for the week, a Participation Grade is usually give to students who are reading/ taking an AR test/ just using this time to their advantage. This is just like any other participation grade – please refer to my syllabus.

Additional AR reading days are awarded to classes for good behavior and who have shown that they will use this time to read, especially as the AR deadlines approach. Classes who waste time when taken to the library or during AR reading days will not be afforded the same opportunity.

As long as the library is open (no testing is in session), students will be allowed to go to the library without being charged one of the two hall passes per 9-week period.

Because AR is a significant part of a student’s grade each quarter (=5%), there is plenty of available time given during class to read/ take AR tests. However, students should still expect to read every evening and treat AR as if it is his/her English homework in order to ensure his/her 20-point goal is met.

Benefits of Reading


1st 9-weeks     →     Wednesday, October 9
2nd 9-weeks    →  Friday, December 13
3rd 9-weeks    →                    Monday, March 2
4th 9-weeks    →             Wednesday, May 6

How many AR points are due by the above deadlines?

→ 20 points will earn you a test grade x2 in the grade book!

→ 20 points will also earn you the pop/ candy reward ;-)

Why is my AR grade in the grade book twice?

→ AR is worth a test grade, so it counts twice.

→ We don’t take a 9-weeks Benchmark Test in English, so the AR grade serves this purpose.

How can I keep up with AR points from home? 

→ Click here to learn how!

How will I know if my book has an AR test?

→ Go to

Want to know how many days until the next AR due date?

→ Go to my home page for the countdown timer!


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