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Accelerated Reader (AR)

Reading 20 minutes a day



Benefits of Reading


1st 9-weeks     →     Wednesday, October 10
2nd 9-weeks    →  Wednesday, December 12
3rd 9-weeks    →                    Friday, March 1
4th 9-weeks    →             Wednesday, May 8

How many AR points are due by the above deadlines?

→ 20 points will earn you 100 points x2 in the grade book!

→ 20 points will also earn you the pop/ candy reward ;-)

Why is my AR grade in the grade book twice?

→ AR is worth a test grade, so it counts twice.

→ We don’t take a 9-weeks Benchmark Test in English, so the AR grade serves this purpose.

How can I keep up with AR points from home? 

→ Click here to learn how!

How will I know if my book has an AR test?

→ Go to

Want to know how many days until the next AR due date?

→ Go to my home page for the countdown timer!


Contact Toni Ray

School Phone:
772.2270 ext.4302
Conference Time:
4th Period (10:46-11:34)