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Cheryl Kidd

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Contact Info:


Work Phone:

580/772 2270/4207

Cell Phone:

580/335 4832

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About Me

Educational History:

Graduated from Frederick High School

Graduated from Mdwestern State University

Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies

Certifications in Mild and Moderate Disibilities

Severe and Profound Disibilities

Elementary Education

Professional Development:

Literacy First

Dyslexia Workshops

Various Autism Workshops


Current Position:

I am new to the Weatherford School District.  I am teachng in the Special Ed. Dept. at the Middle School

Previous Position:

I taught in Wichita Falls, Tx for 8 years and Frederick Ok. for 10 years

Family Information:

       I am single and  have lived in Frederick, OK.most of my life.  So moving to Weatherford has been a big deal in my life. I have two daughters and 5 grandchildren.  I moved to be closer to my youngest daughter and her family.  My two granddaughters that live here are Landri Jones, who will be in the 5th grade and Whitlee, who will be in the 1st grade. Corrie’s oldest child is  Brayden, who is 19.  He has gotten his Real Estate License, and plans to sell enough Real Estate to buy a ranch and run cattle.  ( May take a few years!!)   My older daughter and her family live in Arlington, Texas.  She has two children, Cooper, who’s a Senior in High School, and Chloe, who’s a Freshman.  Cooper plays baseball and Chloe plays Softball and Volleyball.  When I go to see them we spend the time going to baIlgames. I have two rescue dogs that are part yorkie, Dexter and Abby.    

         I love teaching,and love to see a student work hard at learning a new concept and then finally (“Get It”).  I am excited about being in Weatherford, and look forward to this being a great year.



Personal Information:

My family is most important to me.  I have two dughters.  Corrie is here in Weatherford with her family and Callie and her husband and two children, Cooper a Senior and Chloe a Freshman live in Arlington Tx.  My oldest grandson, Brayden is Corries’s oldest and he is 19, and gooing to Real Estate school this fall.  I spend a lot of time going to grandchildren’s activities.  Loved to do all kinds of crafts.  My favorite place is Red River, NM.

Cheryl Kidd

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Classroom Number:
School Phone:
580/772 2270/4207
Cell Phone:
580/335 4832