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6th Grade Woodwinds/Percussion

Welcome to the 6th Grade Woodwinds and Percussion!!!



Distance Learning Lessons

Record yourself playing the following songs on your instrument and submit to Ms. Hagood at each week! :)


Week 1 – #76 in Essential Elements Book 1. 

Week 2 – #80 in Essential Elements Book 1.

Week 3 – #82 in Essential Elements Book 1.      

Week 4 – Learn a new fun song from online



Week 1 –  pg. 40 and 41; number 1 plus the C scale         

 Week 2 – pg. 42 and 43 on snare with the metronome set at 85 

Week 3 – pg. 41 all on snare

 Week 4 – Learn a new fun song from online


*Register for the Essential Elements Interactive website with your book and special code located inside your book. This can help you learn each line of music as well as play some funky backtracks! IT’S A LOT OF FUN!!!!

6th Grade Band Zoom meetings will be held on Mondays at 10am. These aren’t mandatory, but just a way for your student to comminucate with me! They can log on as much or little as they want to from 10am – 11am on Mondays. I miss them all dearly and I cannot wait to see them! 

Go to then login to your account and enter the Zoom Meeting ID and password. 

Zoom Meeting ID – 213-613-5365; password – was sent to parent email




Staff Wars –

Games for your specific intstrument –

General Music Games –


Learn to conduct, compose music, and “play” different instruments –


Monster Musician – SUPER DUPER FUN to play along with. Right now books 3 – 5 are freeeeeeee!

Theta Music Trainer – Just like the online games but handy dandy with you phone!




What We Do

  • We create young musician that not only make music, know music, love music, and appreciate music but also become life-long supporters of the arts as well as model citizens



What We Will Learn

  • How to Read Music – the correct interpretation of written rhythms, notes, symbols, and words.


  • How to Make a Great Sound – making characteristic instrument sounds (tone) and blending with all of the other instruments.


  • How to Practice Effectively – nobody get better at anything unless they take steps to do so. We show you how to make your practice minutes (10-20 minutes a day) work.


  • Performance Etiquette – how to prepare and dress for performances as well as how to listen.


  • Teamwork – Music is not a solitary event. Every person has a place as wither a performer, supporter, or listener.


Contact Chrisalyne Hagood

Classroom Number:
Band Room
School Phone:
Conference Time:
2:32pm - 3:20pm

Contact Chrisalyne Hagood

Classroom Number:
Band Room
School Phone:
Conference Time:
2:32pm - 3:20pm