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Lesson plans for week of January 7-11

Monday:  notes what is life foldable quilt fold

Tuesday:  drawings of redi’s experiment

                  discuss spontaneous generation

Wednesday:  vocabulary sect 4-1 p 113,114

Thursday:  review ws 4-1 what is life all

Friday: voc test sect 4-1


Lesson plans for January 14-18

Monday :  Green book p 122-127 pencil questios

Tuesday:  notes over classification and p 128,129 green using a dicotomous key

Wednesday:   review ws classifiying , fish sorting; video living things field trip only

                       ACT review 

Thursday review 139 and section quizzes what is life and classifying life 

               rock classifying      7th grade tournament

Friday:  discovering cells time line 

            cell theory 

             microviewer looking at cells