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On Line lesson plans April 6th – May 8th  Zoom meetings Tuesday Thursday 11:00-12:00AM

My Teacher code is:  apple9161

Franz 6th grade Science

         1.  Go to Brainpop

         2.  Click on “Enter Code” at the top

         3.  Enter your class code

         4.  Log in with your personal account or create a new one

         5.  Explore!

Don’t forget your username and password!  You will need them the next time you visit BrainPop.

Week 1:   Watch BrainPop instruction video by Blaine Perkins

            Watch Youtube video: Week 1 Diffusion 

            Go to  Brain Pop – Science – cellular life and genetics-diffusion -Watch movie

            Do diffusion  vocabulary 

            Do diffusion Related reading  – In Depth

            Do diffusion movie quiz (Review)

Week 2 :  Watch Youtube video:  Week 2 Active Transport

                Go to BrainPop -science-cellular life and genetics-active tansport – movie 

                Do Active Transport Worksheet

                Do Active transport movie Quiz (Review)

Week 3:  Watch the YouTube video: Photosynthesis Skit ( Just for laughs) and Week 3 video: Photosynthesis YouTube

               Go to BrainPop -science-cellular life and genetics-photosynthesis movie 

               Do Photosynthesis vocabulary adding photosynthesis as the extra term

               Do Photosynthesis Challenge (Review)

               Do Photosynthesis Movie Quiz (graded)


Week 4 :  Watch the YouTube video Week 4 Cellular Respiration

               Go to BrainPop -science-cellular life and genetics-cellular respiration movie

                Do Cellular Respiration vocabulary 

                Do Celluar Respiration Challenge (Review)

                Do Cellular Respiration movie quiz (Review)


Week 5:  Watch the YouTube video Week 5 Scientific Method

               Go to BrainPop science-scientific inquiry – scientific method movie

                Do scientific Method worksheet

                Do scientific Method vocabulary 

                Do Scientific Method movie Quiz (graded)

There is a good video to extend this lesson.  Go to BrainPop-science-scientific inquiry-Scientific Process.  Watch the movie and try the Make a Movie or Make a Map ..You can be a super star .... Explore other topics of interest to you as you enjoy your time off…


OFF LINE LEARNERS. ( I included a set of lesson plans in your packet)

You are invited to join the on line learners with the BrainPop Movies.  Just follow the lessons posted above for any of the sites you may want to visit…  Please do watch the instruction videos for each week .(YouTube)..I will see you during our zoom meetings at 11:00-12:00 Tue. Thurs..Don’t laugh ..remember.. I’m new at this.

Week 1 p 174-179 text

Assess understanding 

voc p 175

review ws and quiz 


Week 2  p 181,182 questions 1-4, 6-10,12-14, and 16.  On a sunny day, go outside and

watch a plant. .lol.  See any photosynthesis? 

Do text voc p 197

p 194-196. two options from here: drawings of p 199 and 198 OR Review ws and Quiz


Week 3 text p 200-205

voc p 201. (2 words only for all you complainers)

Draw picture p 203 

Review ws and Quiz


Week 4 and 5 

These 2 weeks should be review 

p 464-469. skills of science

p 478-487. Answering scientific questions

review ws and quiz 

Experiment or experiments  of your choice .. in packet

Please bring your completed work to WMS by May 8th ..see you on zoom