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Daily Schedule

Mr. Leonards’ Daily Schedule

1st hour-8:10-8:58 a.m.   7th Science

              2nd hour-9:02-9:50 a.m.  PLANNING PERIOD

**I will be able to check e-mails and return phone calls during this time.**

  3rd hour-9:54-10:42 a.m.  8th Science

    4th  hour-10:46-11:34 a.m.  8th Science

7th LUNCH-11:34-12:49 p.m.

       7th ADVISORY 12:24-12:49 p.m.

    5th hour-12:53-1:41 p.m. 7th Science

    6th hour -1:45-2:33 p.m.  8th Science

    7th hour -2:37-3:25 p.m. 8th Science



Steve Leonard

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