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Daily Schedule

1st , 2nd,and  3rd hr. – 8th grade science

 4th hour— 8th honors science

Advisory/Lunch— 11:34-12:49

5th hr.- 8th  grade science

6th hr.- Plan

7th hr.-Athletics 

week of 12-9 through 12-13

8th Grade Science:

Mon: Aspire Testing*

Tues: Ch. 6 Lesson 1: Energy in Ecosystems/ Food Pyramid Diagram and Oklahoma food web*

Wed: ch. 6 lesson 2: Cycles of Matter (water, oxygen, and Nitrogen)/ Diagram the cycles*

Thur: Ch. 6 lesson 3: Biomes of the Earth

Fri: Biomes continued/ Bell Work Due*

( * ) means it is for a grade







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