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Daily Schedule

1st – 3rd hr.: 8th grade science

4th hr.: 8th grade honors physical science

Lunch: 12:08- 12:44

5th hr.: 6th grade exploratory 

6th hr.: Plan

7th hr.: Athletics 

*week of 4-3 through 4-6

   8th science:                                                              Honors Physical

mon:  No school --------------------------------------------------- No school

Tue: Oklahoma state test--------------------------------- Oklahoma state test

wed:  Renewable/nonrenewable energy review--------- Stream formation

 Thur:  Ch. 11 vocabulary quiz---------------------------------Types of erosion 

Fri:  Work on an energy source presentation----------- --- weathering and erosion quiz




Blain Perkins

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6th Hr./ 6th or 7th hr. in the winter