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7th Grade English

Mrs. Ray
7th Grade English


Welcome to 7th grade English at Weatheford Middle School! I have high expectations for all of my students and expect each of you to take an active role in your education. This year we will be exploring grammar, usage, and mechanics of English through writing. We will develop our research and writing skills through narrative, informational/expository, and argument writing projects. We will also practice literacy skills with a novel as well as several works of nonfiction.

Classroom expectations*

  • Be respectful- To teachers, classmates, and yourself.
  • Be responsible- Bring supplies every day. Do work and take care of business!
  • Be positive- Have a good attitude. Be nice. Do your best!

*All rules outlined in the school handbook will also be enforced.

Grading is based on points, and students will have many weekly classwork and participation grades - homework, bellwork, and class participation. Tests, papers, quizzes, and projects will count for more points than classwork and participation grades. 

Make-up work/Late work
Students will be responsible for any work they miss while absent. School policy allows students one make-up day per day missed to complete make-up work. Students requiring assistance with make-up work may come see me during Advisory “RAP” time. 

All assignments need to be turned in at the beginning of class on the day due. Any late work will automatically be docked up to 25 points and will no longer be accepted after we have passed that particular unit. 

Lesson plans and other information about my classes can be found on the WMS website at Parents are welcome to contact me by phone (772-2270 ext. 4302) during my conference time at 11:20-12:08, or by email anytime at Any questions or concerns about your student, grades, assignments, etc. are welcome.

Contact Toni Ray

School Phone:
772.2270 ext.4302
Conference Time:
2nd Period (9:00-9:50)