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8th Grade English

Mrs. Ray’s
8th Grade English

High Expectations 

Have you checked our LESSON PLANS today??


  1. Act like a champion
  2. Follow all procedures.
  3. When in doubt, refer to rule 1.



  1. I will always refer to you in a positive way.
  2. I will brag on you often.
  3. I will never accept your excuses because I believe in you!



  1. I will always make the work challenging -- and you can do it!
  2. You will have to work hard, but this will prepare you for life.
  3. I expect you to finish your work on time.


Consequences for misbehavior may be: a verbal warning, a conference with me, parent notification, detention, and/or principal notification.


Grading Policy:

AR points, tests, projects, and some writing assignments will count twice. Late or incomplete assignments will be accepted up to three days after the due date at a cost of 30 points off. After that a zero will be given and students will be required to go to RAP during Advisory to make up the grade.


Accelerated Reader (AR) Grade:

Students will receive two grades per nine weeks and will receive rewards for their efforts. One-half of the points must be earned by mid-term every nine weeks, with the remainder due near the end of the term. Students who do not have 50 percent of their points at mid-term but achieve them later in the nine weeks will have their grades increased. Although there will occasionally be time for reading during class, students should read at least 30 minutes per day at home. Typically students will need to read three to five books per nine weeks in order to achieve their goals. Students will not receive points for an AR test over a book is under their reading level.


Snack Day:

This is a privilege. You will be allowed to bring snacks and/or drinks on Fridays only. If I have to clean up after a student, snack day will be lost for the rest of the semester. Gum is not permitted at any time.  Bottled water may be brought every day.


Parent Contacts:

Parents may email me at I am available to meet by phone or in person before or after school or during my preparation time, which is 2nd period (11:20-12:08). I post my lesson plans online each week at Parents may also arrange with the school office to view grades online at


Contact Toni Ray

School Phone:
772.2270 ext.4302
Conference Time:
2nd Period (9:00-9:50)