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7th Grade Honor's English

Honors English High Expectations   |   Lesson Plans


To enroll in Honors English, you must have two out of the following three requirements:

1. Advanced score on previous year’s English ACT Aspire Summative Assessment.
2. Teacher recommendation from 6th grade English teacher.
3. Maintained a 95+ grade in English during the 6th grade school year.

To stay enrolled in Honors English for the course of the school year, you must be able to:

1. Maintain a grade of at least 80% (B).
2. Meet all AR (Accelerated Reader) deadline requirements each quarter.


Q: What can I expect to be different if I choose to enroll in Honors English?
A: Mainly, we will move through reading material at a quicker pace and will limit class time devoted to grammar & mechanics. This allows us more time for reading more novels & articles, as well as creative assignments yes

Q: I am worried about the extra work load of taking an Honors class since my schedule is already tough… How much more work will we have?
A: Actually, the Honors English class isn’t assigned any more “homework” than the regular English class. My philosophy on “homework” remains the same no matter what class I am teaching – AR is usually the only homework you will have in my class unless you are absent or not managing your class time appropriately. Because we do move at a quicker pace in the Honor’s class, there is more independent work required and less “guided practice” than the regular English class, but it ends up being an equal amount of overall workload. wink

Q: What “creative assignments” will we be doing? And what does “more independent work” mean?
A: Creative assignments encompasses a wide variety of projects and areas – including writing, research, discussions, Socratic questioning & conversations, alternative assessments, etc. More independent work requires students to review concepts that have already been covered in previous years on their own with less class time dedicated to “re-teaching” and teacher-guided-practices. This also means that Honor students will have more responsibility and leadership roles in the classroom.  {An example of a creative assignment that gives an opportunity for leadership and requires more independence would be picking a unit of grammar in our curriculum to research & ultimately “teach” to their peers using a technology medium of their choosing.}

Contact Toni Ray

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772.2270 ext.4302
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4th Period (10:46-11:34)