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Website Links

Quizlet  is a website that I use to help my students learn their vocabulary.  Students will need to sign up with their birthday and an email address and create their own username and password.  Since they will be using quizlet occasionally during school, it needs to be a username and password that they can easily remember.  

After students sign up, they will search for my classes.  Seventh graders need to search "Weatherford Middle School 7th Spanish" and choose to join the class.  Eighth graders will search "Weatherford Middle School Spanish I" and choose to join the class.  Within those classes, they will be able to choose the vocabulary set that we are studying in class and work with those words.  They can hear them pronounced, practice identifying the words, learn to spell the words, and play several games to help them with their speed in translations.  If using a computer instead of a phone or tablet, there is even a quiz to test their understanding.