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Brenda Krieger

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About Me

Educational History:

Union High School, Tulsa, OK

Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, OK

Southwestern Oklahoma State university, Weatherford, OK


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's of Science, Elementary Education

Master's in Educational Administration, Elementary and Secondary

Additional coursework in Counseling, Elementary and Secondary

Current Position:

Although I have 25 years experience in education, the 2015 -2016 year will be my first year in Weatherford.  I am looking forward to the year and am excited for what it holds.

Previous Position:

1st Grade- Clark Elementary, Union Public Schools, Tulsa, 1988-1990

1st Grade- Hobart Elementary, Hobart Public Schools, Hobart, 1990-1992

6th Grade- Hobart Middle School, Hobart Public Schools, Hobart, 1992-2002

Counselor, After school Ast Director- Hobart High School, Hobart Public Schools, Hobart, 2002-2006

Director of Student Services, Ast. Campus Director- Southwest Technology Center, Altus, 2006-2013 


Family Information:

Justin and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversry this past May.  We live in Hobart where we farm and ranch.  We also own a small insurance agency, Krieger Insurance, which specializes in crop as well as the typical homeowners, samll business, and health policies.

Jake is our oldest son.  He is currently finishing his Master's in Petroleum Geology at OSU.  Any help in getting him employed will be greatly appreciated { Seriousy, he needs all the help he can get}  

Jessi is our other child.  She will graduate from OSU this spring also with a double major in business.  Any help in getting her employed will be greatly appreciated. { Seriously, she needs all the help she can get}. 

Go Pokes!

Personal Information:

Just a little info that might help you feel more comfortable visiting with me.  Here are a few intriguing details:

*I grew up in Tulsa, but relocated to southwest Oklahoma after I married.

*I love Diet Dr. Pepper as much as I love my husband 



Brenda Krieger

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