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Visaul Arts

Weatherford Middle School Art Program is designed so that students will experiment with a variety of media to create visual art. The Elements of art (line, shape, space, color, value, texture, and form) are studied in two- dimensional and three-dimensional work. Study will also apply to the principles of design, (rhythm, movement, balance, contrast, proportion, emphasis, pattern, variety, and unity) in their artwork. Students will continually practice their drawing skills in sketchbook assignment and class projects. In art we are not looking for one correct answer, we are looking for all of the possibilities.  This ability to think along a variety of paths will undoubtedly be utilized later in life in many ways no matter what field the individual chooses.  I also hope to teach my students to enjoy the act of creating art. There is a satisfaction that accompanies visual self-expression and it must be experienced to be fully realized.

The student will….

·         Be able to describe the art elements and design principles

·         Be introduced to drawing and drawing techniques

·         Be able to define vertical, diagonal, horizontal, curved and straight lines

·         Distinguish between 2D and 3D art work

·         Explore various types of media (art materials)

·         Find solutions to various artistic problems

·         Use visual vocabulary in class discussion

·         Respond to daily questions with thoughtful answers

·         Discover art history and different artistic styles

·         Critique a work of art