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Lesson Plans

8th Grade American History Classes 

Please watch the video link before doing any  lessons.


May 4-8, 2020


Lesson 1: Ending of the war. You have done the worksheets already for this section but I do want you to answer me 2 Questions for your grade. 

1. How much time is a score?

2. What year was Lincoln talkng about in the Getteysburg Address when he said four score and seven years ago?

Video ending the section:

Lesson 2: Prison camps in the North and South

Video for Lesson 2:

                                         Skip the adds at beginnning.






April 27th through May 1st

Video Lecture for Lesson 1:

Lesson 1: Chapter 16-4

                 *Battle of Vicksburg

                 *Life during the War

Worksheets: Chapter 16-4      




Lesson 2: Tide Turns         video for section:

                *Battle of Gettysburg

                *Gettysburg Address: Watch

 worksheets:  chapter_16-5_vocab.pdf






April 20 through April 24  

Lesson 1:   First Battle of Bull Run

                   Fighting in the West

                   Ironclad Battles between the Monitor and the Merrimack

Extra Assignment: Find the punishments for a soldier that ran away from battle. (hint) Very painful and the would use letters for the crime. Email me the answer for bonus points.

Assignment: Watch the  lecture video

                             Do worksheets:   chapter_16-2.pdf.          


Video Lecture for Lesson 2:

Lesson 2: War in the East


                Emancipation Proclamation 

                 Watch this video about the 54th Mass Men







April 13 thru April 17

Assignment 1: Go to, then go to Middle School, click on Social Studies, then click on History Quiz and then on Civil War Quiz and answer the 12 questions. This is pretest so don’t look anything up. When finished screen shot your score and send it to my email.


Lesson 1:  John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry

                  Election of 1860

                  The South Secedes

                  The Confederacy is formed

Video lecture over Chapter 15-4:

Link to Section worksheets:  chapter_15-4_vocab.pdf            chapter_15-4_quiz.pdf


Lesson 2: The War Begins

                 First Shots at Fort Sumter

                 Lincoln Calls for Troops

                 Resources for Both Sides

Video lecture over 16-1:

Link to Section worksheet:  chapter_16-1_quiz_1.pdf



April 6th – April 10th

In the five weeks that we have left of school, we will be covering the Civil War. We will be doing a cross curricular unit with English. We will be covering the causes of the civil war, civil war battles, prison camps, and the end of the war. Since we are limited on time and not being in the classroom setting, I can only scratch the surface of all I would love to share with you.

Week 1: Events leading up to the war this is in Chapter 15

            Lesson 1-   *Missouri Compromise   

                               *Compromise of 1850   

                               *Fugitive Slave Act   

                                *Uncle Tom’s Cabin/Harriet Beecher Stowe

  Worksheets over sections: 04032020150200.pd                                                          

             This link is the video for Lesson 1:


            This link is for Lesson 2

            Lesson 2:       *Bleeding Kansas       

                                   *John Brown     

Link to Section.  2 worksheets:




Lesson 3:      Video for Section 3

                                   *Dred Scott decision         

                                   *Lincoln-Douglas Debate

                               ** Cover these topics and do worksheets        

                          ****Guys I don’t want you to do one part of this worksheet. Where it has the Vocabulary Builder and it’s writing vocab, just skip that section.

                            Only do the Section 3  Quiz worksheet this time.

                                 Link for worksheet for section 3: