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6th Grade Math
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6TH GRADE MATH:  Mrs. Morlan


            1.  Act like a champion.          

            2.  Follow all procedures.

            3.  When in doubt, refer to rule 1.



  • Be on time (Be in your seat when the bell rings.)
  • Be prepared (binder, paper, pencil/pen, assignments, etc. No trips to the locker after the bell rings.)
  • Be courteous to other students, teachers, and property
  • Follow the directions of the teacher.
  • Bathroom privileges—limited to 2 per nine weeks during each class    (unless medical reasons necessitate otherwise)


Consequences of Misbehavior

  • Personal notification (student is aware of the problem)
  • Documentation of student behavior
  • Parent notification
  • Student isolation
  • Loss of privileges
  • Detention
  • Letter of apology
  • Principal notification
  • Life Principle Sheet


Grading Policy

  • Students will be graded using a 100-point scale with tests counting twice.


Snack Day

  • Students will be allowed to bring a snack and/or drink on Tuesdays to math class. All drinks must have a screw-top lid.
  • Students may bring water any day.



  • I will NOT be checking out textbooks at this time.  The majority of the assignments will be from other resources. 



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