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Geography Lesson Plans

8/19/2019 Monday-Read Chapter 1 Section 1 Lesson 2 txbk. pages 14-15

                 Highlight Five Themes of Geography handout

8/20/2019-Tuesday-Flocabulary Song “Five Themes of Geography”--BEWARE---your child may come home singing this song….

8/21/2019 Wednesday-Take Class Policy/Drills Quiz

                  Review Flocabulary Five Themes Song

                  Five Themes of Geog. WS

8/22/2019-Thursday-Flocabulary review 5 Themes of Geog. 

                 Flocabulary HEI & Region songs to better learn these themes of the Five Themes of Geog.

8/23/2019-Friday- 5 Themes of Geography group Activities

                               5 Themes of Geog. Glue and Definition Activity


8/12/2019-Monday-NO SCHOOL

8/13/2019-Tuesday-Welcome To WMS

                                 Check Names on roster & get to know teacher

                                 Layout of classroom

8/14/2019-Wednesday-Classroom Policy

                                      Check out textbooks

8/15/2019-Thursday-10 Reasons Why to study Geography

                                  Take questions about Classroom Policy

8/16/2019-Friday-Go over the layout of our textbooks

                             Read Chapter 1 Section 1 Lesson 1 textbooks pages 12-13