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6th Grade Reading Lesson Plans






August 26-30, 2019

Monday:  voc. #2: steed, tenement, optimum, injustice, urgency, deprived, divulged, sought, smirk, redeemed

read pgs. 28-40 (take notes over rules for Q&A:  1.  questions must be complete sentences, 2.  answers must be provided, 3.  provide page numbers where answers are found, 4.  capitalize and punctuate,  5.  no vague pronouns, 6.  only one fill-in-the-blank, 7.  no yes/no or true/false questions

Tuesday:  read pgs. 41-62

                 5 Q&A

Wednesday:  read pgs. 63-71 (reading guide)

Thursday:  read pgs. 72-87 (list 5 key events in the novel thus far using chronological order)

Friday:  voc. test #2

             read pages 88-99:  List 3 stellar sentences and provide reasons for your choice



August 19-23, 2019

Monday:  Go over results of scavenger hunt

                 label supplies

                 voc. #1: connotation, denotation, direct and indirect methods of characterization (ASATOD ...appearance, speech, actions, thoughts, other’s opinions, direct characterization)


Freak anticipation guide/ themes/composition notebook entries

Wednesday:  Begin Freak the Mighty chapters 1-3 quiz

Thursday:  pgs. 15-27 reading guide

Friday:  voc. test #1, ten unique traits


August 12-16, 2019

Monday:  Teacher work day

Tuesday: First day of classes



*label supplies

Wednesday:  Goal letters (Using the friendly letter format, students will write letters to themselves outliing their persoal and academic goals for this school year

Thursday: Twenty questions: (textbook scavenger hunt using the Holt textbook)

Friday:  Ten unique traits (rotation exercise...getting to know each other)