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6th Grade Reading Lesson Plans






May 20-22, 2019

Monday:  AM...Talent Show at PAC

                PM...Dodgeball practice in gym/ Benchmark make-up tests

Tuesday:  Fun Day in gym (Dodgeball tournament, gaming competitions, Jenga tournament, etc.)

                 Benchmark make-up tests

Wednesday:  Teacher Check out

                       Have an incredible summer!

                       See you in August, 7th graders!!!



May13-17, 2019



Wednesday:  Field Trip to Science Museum

Thursday:  spiral evaluations

                   Begin “The Hitchhiker” pg. 87

Friday:  Complete “The Hitchhiker” pg. 87-102



May 6-10, 2019

Monday:  Read pages 112-145

Tuesday:  Read pages 146-166

Wednesday:  AR tests over Max the Mighty

                       Illustrations using character descriptions

Thursday: Review for reading benchmarks

Friday:  AM Classes:  Musical

                  Noon: AR reading reward students to movie

                  Benchmark practice pgs. 212-215; 410-413; 676-679


April 29-May 3, 2019

The final novel study for 6th grade is the sequel to Freak the Mighty that the students read at the beginning of the year.  In order to finish Max the Mighty before the AR deadline on May 8th, most of our classwork will involve reading and discussing with less time devoted to written work.  The AR test grade will be the cumulative grade for the novel. Discussion will center upon the elements of plot with an emphasis on characterization.

Monday:  Read pages 1-31

Tuesday:  Read pages 32-58

Wednesday:  Read pages 59-82

Thursday: Read pages 83-111



April 22-26, 2019

(ACT Aspire testing will occur throughout the week: Tuesday – English; Wednesday – math; Thursday – reading; Friday – science; Monday, April 29 – writing) Assignments for classes that will be meeting at their regular assigned times are listed below: 

Monday: Read “The Bracelet” pg. 149 quiz

Tuesday:  Read “Ta-Na-E-Ka” pg. 135-141  Holt text (answer all text box questions)

Wed:  Read “All Summer In a Day” pg.41 (quiz)

Thursday: Read informational text link to “All Summer In a Day” pg 53-60

Friday:  Read “The Hitchhiker” pg. 87-102 

April 15-19, 2019

Monday:  Read pages 196-206 (reading guide)

Tuesday: Read pages 207-214 

               Novel discussion/ closure/ relevant themes

Wednesday:  pgs. 215-224 (author’s note)

                       AR test over novel

Thursday:  Read “Wartime Mistakes and Peacetime Apologies” pg. 159-164 (Holt text) Complete note cards and test practice p. 164


Friday:  No School (Good Friday) . HAVE A JOYOUS EASTER!


April 8-12, 2019

Monday:  Read pages 135-145 (reading guide)

Tuesday: STATE MATH TEST (morning classes)

                novel related activity (afternoon)

Wednesday:  Read pages 146-162 (4 Q&A)

Thursday: Read pages 163-182 (discuss plot and character development)

Friday: Read pages 183-195 (open book quiz with elbow partner)


April 1-5, 2019

Monday:  read pages 68-75 (reading guide) BONUS vocab.  (Students will select and look up definitions for their chosen words)

Tuesday:  Read pages 76-97 (main events)

Wednesday: Read pages 98-112 (reading guide)

Thursday: Read pages 113-134 (illus. blocks)


            vocabulary activity: afternoon classes



March 25-29, 2019

Monday:  voc. #14:  Roots Derm = skin, Corp = body

cordial, discreetly, taxidermy, epidermis, sparse, mesmerized, cardiologist, barren, corporation, corpse

“The Wind People” pgs. 145-148///Go over benchmark test results

Tuesday:  Begin Code Talker pgs. 1-22 (quiz)

Wednesday:  Read pgs. 23-37 (significant sentences)

Thursday:  read pages 38-49 (reading guide)

Friday:  voc. test #14

read pages 50-67 (5 Q&A)


March 11-15, 2019

Monday:  spiral evaluation III

                Benchmark review

                 Parent-teacher conferences 3:30-9:00 p.m.

Tuesday:  Benchmark III reading test

Wednesday:  Complete Benchmark reading test

Thursday:  6th grade AR parties/ morning

                  Go over benchmark test results



March 4-8, 2019

Monday:  Prepare posters for novel project

Tuesday:  complete posters/ rehearse presentations

Wednesday:  Present novel projects

                      Share posters/deliver significant scene presentations

Thursday:  Post-test/novel follow-up

Friday:  Benchmark III review

             Skills review


Feb. 25-March 1, 2019

Monday:  Complete novel (pages 218-234)

Tuesday:  AR test over the novel

                Roll of thunder crossword

Wednesday:  Morning classes: assembly at the PAC

                      Afternoon classes:  cubing lit. exercise

Thursday:  Introduce cumulative novel project

Friday:  AR Deadline for 3rd nine weeks

Continue working on novel poster project


Feb.18-22, 2019

Monday:  No School/Staff Development Day

Tuesday:  Read pages 184-194/reading guide

Wednesday:  Read pages 194-209 (discuss plot structure/details)

Thursday:  Read pages 210-217 (Introduce literature circles)

Friday:  Literature circles in assigned groups


Feb.11-15, 2019

Monday: voc. #13:  insolently, patronize, reprimand, vanity, caress, compassion, crescendo, despicable, muffle, premature

read pages 110-118 (record three telling quotes)

Tuesday:  Read pages 119-134 (4 Q&A)

Wednesday:  Read pages 134-144 (chapter illus., favorite sentence, chapter summary template)

Thursday:  Read pages 145-164 (ch. 8 quiz)

Friday:  voc. test #13 

              Read pages 165-183 (discuss)


Feb. 4-8, 2019

Monday:  Root:  Cord/Cardi = heart voc. #12 includes the words in the 3rd column of glossary provided last week:  aloofness, audible, awestruck, candidly, condone, denote, disclose, dumbfounded, falter, feign (all roots will be included on voc. test #12)

Complete ch. 3 through page 58 (quiz)

Tuesday:  Read ch. 4 pgs. 59-67 (reading guide)

Wednesday:  Read pgs. 68-86 (5 Q&A)

Thursday:  Read pgs. 87-98 (ch. 5 quiz) 

Friday:  voc. test #12

Read pgs. 99-110 (reading guide)



January 28-February 1, 2019

Monday:  ACT Aspire reading test (computer lab)

Tuesday: voc. list #11 roots we have already studied

words:  caravan, amiably, skittish, resiliency, oblivious, offensive, precariously, radical, formidable, indignant

Begin ch. 1 of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

pgs. 3-16 (discuss characterization)

Wednesday:  complete ch. 1 pgs. 17-27/quiz ch.1

Thursday:  ch. 2 pgs. 28-35/reading guide

Friday:  voc. test #11

Begin ch. 3 pgs. 36-50



January 21-25, 2019

Monday:  No School (Staff Dev. Day)

Tuesday:  Collection 5 skills review pgs.524-533

Wednesday:  “The Mysterious Mr. Lincoln” pg. 544/ quiz

Thursday: “The Gold Cadillac” pg. 316 (Complete all prediction questions noted in text)

Friday:  AR test over “The Gold Cadillac”

             “Separate but Never Equal” pg.331-334


January 14-18, 2019

Monday:  voc. #10: new roots:  cide = to kill, cise = to cut

incisor, incision, genocide, pesticide, homicide, internal conflict, external conflict, omniscient point of view, plot, novel

Read Arachne pg. 642 (Pearson text) quiz

Tuesday:  Assign group mythology skits:  The Trojan Horse, Persephone & Hades, Perseus & Medusa, Midas & the Golden Touch

read the short stories together as a class, groups will then practice scripts

Wednesday:  First half of class: practice staging & rehearsing scripts

Groups will perform their skits

Thursday:  Read “A Glory Over Everything” pg. 468/ quiz

Friday:  voc. test #10, “All Aboard with Thomas Garrett” pg. 483


January 7-11, 2019

Monday:  AR Reading Day/ Make up Benchmarks

Tuesday:  voc. #9

Roots:  aud = hear/listen, auto = self, bio = life, chrom = color, chron = time

myth, audible, auditorium, autobiography, autograph, biography, biology, chromosome, chronological, synchronize

Read “Baucis & Philemon” pg. 257/quiz

Wednesday:  notes over mythology:  1.  supernatural characters/events, 2.  reward/punishment 3.  explains the origin of something 4.  moral lesson  5. transformations occur Read Icarus & Daedlus (compare to Baucis & Philemon)

Thursday:  Read “Medusa’s Head” pg. 353, reading check pg. 364

Friday:  voc. test #9, read “Perseus and the Gorgon’s Head” pg. 360 quiz


Dec. 17-21, 2018

Monday:  Benchmark test review (Go over half of terms...test practice pg. 114-119)

Tuesday:  Complete benchmark test review

Wednesday:  Reading BENCHMARK TEST

Thursday:  Reading BENCHMARK TEST

Friday: Spiral evaluation, go over benchmark test results



Dec. 10-14, 2018 

Monday:  voc. #8 roots:  ali= other, alt = high, anni, annu, enni = year, aster/astr= star

alien, alibi, alias, altitude, anniversray, annual, centennial, asterisk, asteroid, astronomy

Thank you notes


Tuesday:  “What Do Fish Have to Do with Anything?”  pg. 556

inference questions

Wednesday: Notes over plot diagram

                    group writing assignment with yesterday’s story/quiz

Thursday:  Persuasian techniques pg. 724-729

Friday: voc. test #8

group commercial ads




Dec. 3-7, 2018

Monday:  Students will practice group poem in classroom

Tuesday:  Students will practice individual poems in classroom

Wednesday:  Students will practice in library

Thursday:  Final rehearsal in library



Nov. 26-30, 2018

Monday:  Send home parent letters explaining poetry festival slated for DECEMBER 7th

Read “Author’s Note” pg. 255-262 (complete handout)

Read Q&A interview with the author in “AFTERWORDS”

Tuesday:  Read “The Circuit” pg. 60 (Pearson text)

quiz over selection

Wednesday:  write drafts of phone #/address poems/take pics for banners

Thursday: final drafts/decorations for festival

Friday:  assign individual poems...sign up for refreshments


Nov. 19-20

Monday:  Read pgs. pgs. 234-247 (reading guide)

Tuesday:  Read pgs. 247-253





Nov. 12-16, 2018

Monday:  Read pgs. 158-178 (reading guide)

Tuesday: make-up Monday’s missed work

hours 1&2 (reading fluency teams)

Read pgs. 158-178 (reading guide)

Wednesday:  REad pgs 179-198 (quiz)

Thursday:  Read pgs. 199-213 (reading guide)

Friday:  Read pages 214-233 (5Q&A)


Nov. 5-9, 2018

Monday: voc. list #7:  makeshift, tinged, propelled, immunized, taut, regal, susceptible, encrusted, deportation, devoutly

Read pgs. 72-80 (silently) Students will answer questions from Friday’s reading and complete the questions on the test over pages 58-80.  (Open book)

Tuesday:  Read pages 81-99 (aloud)  Give oral quiz following reading assignment

Wednesday:  Read pages 100-120 (illustration blocks)

Thursday:  Read pages 121-138 (complete template for illustration, sentence, and summary)

Friday:  voc. test #7

Read pages 139-157 (quiz)



Oct. 29-Nov. 2, 2018

Monday:  voc. list #6:  arbors, tendril, reaping, premonition, serenaded, massive, capricious, forlorn, anguish, methodically

Spiral Evaluation/ go over answers for the ACT classroom tests

anticipation guide

Tuesday: read pgs. 1-22 (quiz)

Wednesday:  read pgs. 23-38 (quiz)

Thursday:  read pgs. 39-57 (5 Q&A)

Friday: voc test #6

read pages 58-72 (reading guide)

read pgs. 72-80 (quiz over pages 58-80)



Oct. 22-26, 2018


Monday:  Final Draft Day: Complete final 2 poems in collection, work on illustrations

Tuesday:  Work on Cover Design, Title Page, and Dedication Page

Wednesday: FINAL final draft day

Thursday:  ACT Aspire Classroom tests #1, 2, 3 (Poetry Book Mail in deadline!)

Friday:  No School: Staff Development Day



Oct. 15-19, 2018

Monday:  Final Draft Day

Tuesday:  If You Really Knew Me poems

Wednesday:  Author Acrostics



Oct. 8-12, 2018

Monday:  Read/discuss models of odes

Select a person/place as the subject of an ode

Tuesday:  Examine models of limericks, paying attention to the rhyme scheme (aabba) and syllable count in lines 1,2,5 = 8 syllables, lines 3-4 = 5 syllables

Wednesday:  read/discuss models of “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” poems.  Students will brainstorm favorite pasttimes of the past, the present, and what they anticipate for the future to complete this poem

Thursday:  read/discuss student models of “There’s a __________ inside me” poems.  Students will brainstorm traits of their chosen subject to develop an extended metaphor about themselves



Oct. 1-5, 2018

Monday:  voc. #5: haiku, alliteration, cinquain, personification, onomatopoeia, imagery, rhyme, ode, limerick

write 2 contrasting haiku:  (summer/winter, elephant/ant, desert/ocean, etc.)

Tuesday:  write color poems

Wednesday:  write 5 senses season cinqains

Thursday:  write a place poem (The best place to write a poem...the worst place to write a poem)

Friday: voc. test #5




Sept. 24-28, 2018

Monday:  voc.#4 (simile, metaphor)

Write one statement completing the line “Poetry is...” (These lines will be put together to form a class collaborative poem)

Students will write 3 descriptive sentences in their composition notebooks using similes/metaphors.

Tuesday:  Read model poem “Poetry Rides the Bus” as an example of a personification poem

Brainstorm positive/negative abstract nouns: (joy, misery, determination, frustration, etc.)

Students will select a subject from their brainstorming list to create an original personification poem (minimum 12 lines)

Wednesday:  Read models of prep. phrase poems

Students will write original prep. phrase poems with a minimum of 5 prep. phrases included

Thursday:  Read Lucille Clifton’s “The 1st” as a model of a memory poem

Students will select a memory of their own to draft an original memory poem (minimum 8 lines)

Friday:  voc test #4

FINAL DRAFT DAY (Students will prepare final drafts of poems composed this week in their packets)



Sept. 17-21, 2018

Monday:  Parent-Teacher conferences (12-7)

Tuesday:  Begin film version of the novel

(note 5 differences between film/novel)

Wednesday:  Continue film

(note 5 similarities between film/novel)

Thursday:  ACT ASPIRE INTERIM TEST 1 (computer lab 109)

Friday:  Complete film

pyramid activity



Sept. 10-14, 2018

Monday:  voc. #3 = gruel, stabilized, toxic, prodigy, illiterate, furrowed, trussed, precaution, bloated, abduction

Read pgs. 115-121 (following reading assignment, review Freak’s dictionary at back of novel)

Tuesday: Read pgs. 122-134 (quiz)

Wednesday:  Read pgs 135-146 (reading guide)

Thursday: Read pages 147-160 … discuss themes (life lessons) that are evident in the novel.  Take notes over these:

Isolation: Hiding from problems won’t solve them.

Appearances:  Appearances can be deceiving

Family:  Who your parents are does not determine who you are.

Friendship: A true friend is a gift to treasure.

Memory: Writing about memories can bring healing.

Change: Life is all about change.

Friday: voc. test #3

             AR test over novel

             In composition notebook, select one of the themes from notes and cite evidence from the novel to show how this theme can be supported.

Sept. 3-7. 2018

Monday:  NO SCHOOL (Labor Day)

Tuesday:  read ch. 11 (reading guide)

Wednesday:  read pgs. 72-87 (5 Q&A)

Thursday:  read pgs. 88-99 (select significant sentences)

Friday:  read pgs. 100-114 (reading guide)


August 27-31, 2018

Monday: voc. #2 (methods of characterization: direct, indirect)

ASATOD = appearance, speech, actions, thoughts, other’s opinions, direct characterization Freak the Mighty anticipation guide

Tuesday:  Begin Freak the Mighty: read ch 1-3/quiz

Wednesday:  read ch. 4-5/ reading guide

Thursday:  read ch. 6-8/quiz

Friday:  voc. test #2

read ch. 9-10 (illus. blocks)

August 20-24, 2018

Monday:  voc. list #1 (life principle words)

Begin 20 questions group activity (textbook scavenger hunt)

Tuesday: complete 20 questions qroup activity...go over answers...share descriptive paragraphs

Wednesday:  Read “Eleven” pg. 574 (Holt text) quiz

Thursday:  Discuss character traits/life principle connections of characters in story (group)

Brainstorm positive/negative clothing memories

Friday:  voc. test #1

write clothing narratives in composition notebooks

Aug. 15-17, 2018

Wednesday:  class policy

Thursday:  goal letters

Friday:  supplies/10 unique traits