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6th Grade Reading Lesson Plans






March 25-29, 2019

Monday:  voc. #14:  Roots Derm = skin, Corp = body

cordial, discreetly, taxidermy, epidermis, sparse, mesmerized, cardiologist, barren, corporation, corpse

“The Wind People” pgs. 145-148///Go over benchmark test results

Tuesday:  Begin Code Talker pgs. 1-22 (quiz)

Wednesday:  Read pgs. 23-37 (significant sentences)

Thursday:  read pages 38-49 (reading guide)

Friday:  voc. test #14

read pages 50-67 (5 Q&A)


March 11-15, 2019

Monday:  spiral evaluation III

                Benchmark review

                 Parent-teacher conferences 3:30-9:00 p.m.

Tuesday:  Benchmark III reading test

Wednesday:  Complete Benchmark reading test

Thursday:  6th grade AR parties/ morning

                  Go over benchmark test results



March 4-8, 2019

Monday:  Prepare posters for novel project

Tuesday:  complete posters/ rehearse presentations

Wednesday:  Present novel projects

                      Share posters/deliver significant scene presentations

Thursday:  Post-test/novel follow-up

Friday:  Benchmark III review

             Skills review


Feb. 25-March 1, 2019

Monday:  Complete novel (pages 218-234)

Tuesday:  AR test over the novel

                Roll of thunder crossword

Wednesday:  Morning classes: assembly at the PAC

                      Afternoon classes:  cubing lit. exercise

Thursday:  Introduce cumulative novel project

Friday:  AR Deadline for 3rd nine weeks

Continue working on novel poster project


Feb.18-22, 2019

Monday:  No School/Staff Development Day

Tuesday:  Read pages 184-194/reading guide

Wednesday:  Read pages 194-209 (discuss plot structure/details)

Thursday:  Read pages 210-217 (Introduce literature circles)

Friday:  Literature circles in assigned groups


Feb.11-15, 2019

Monday: voc. #13:  insolently, patronize, reprimand, vanity, caress, compassion, crescendo, despicable, muffle, premature

read pages 110-118 (record three telling quotes)

Tuesday:  Read pages 119-134 (4 Q&A)

Wednesday:  Read pages 134-144 (chapter illus., favorite sentence, chapter summary template)

Thursday:  Read pages 145-164 (ch. 8 quiz)

Friday:  voc. test #13 

              Read pages 165-183 (discuss)


Feb. 4-8, 2019

Monday:  Root:  Cord/Cardi = heart voc. #12 includes the words in the 3rd column of glossary provided last week:  aloofness, audible, awestruck, candidly, condone, denote, disclose, dumbfounded, falter, feign (all roots will be included on voc. test #12)

Complete ch. 3 through page 58 (quiz)

Tuesday:  Read ch. 4 pgs. 59-67 (reading guide)

Wednesday:  Read pgs. 68-86 (5 Q&A)

Thursday:  Read pgs. 87-98 (ch. 5 quiz) 

Friday:  voc. test #12

Read pgs. 99-110 (reading guide)



January 28-February 1, 2019

Monday:  ACT Aspire reading test (computer lab)

Tuesday: voc. list #11 roots we have already studied

words:  caravan, amiably, skittish, resiliency, oblivious, offensive, precariously, radical, formidable, indignant

Begin ch. 1 of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

pgs. 3-16 (discuss characterization)

Wednesday:  complete ch. 1 pgs. 17-27/quiz ch.1

Thursday:  ch. 2 pgs. 28-35/reading guide

Friday:  voc. test #11

Begin ch. 3 pgs. 36-50



January 21-25, 2019

Monday:  No School (Staff Dev. Day)

Tuesday:  Collection 5 skills review pgs.524-533

Wednesday:  “The Mysterious Mr. Lincoln” pg. 544/ quiz

Thursday: “The Gold Cadillac” pg. 316 (Complete all prediction questions noted in text)

Friday:  AR test over “The Gold Cadillac”

             “Separate but Never Equal” pg.331-334


January 14-18, 2019

Monday:  voc. #10: new roots:  cide = to kill, cise = to cut

incisor, incision, genocide, pesticide, homicide, internal conflict, external conflict, omniscient point of view, plot, novel

Read Arachne pg. 642 (Pearson text) quiz

Tuesday:  Assign group mythology skits:  The Trojan Horse, Persephone & Hades, Perseus & Medusa, Midas & the Golden Touch

read the short stories together as a class, groups will then practice scripts

Wednesday:  First half of class: practice staging & rehearsing scripts

Groups will perform their skits

Thursday:  Read “A Glory Over Everything” pg. 468/ quiz

Friday:  voc. test #10, “All Aboard with Thomas Garrett” pg. 483


January 7-11, 2019

Monday:  AR Reading Day/ Make up Benchmarks

Tuesday:  voc. #9

Roots:  aud = hear/listen, auto = self, bio = life, chrom = color, chron = time

myth, audible, auditorium, autobiography, autograph, biography, biology, chromosome, chronological, synchronize

Read “Baucis & Philemon” pg. 257/quiz

Wednesday:  notes over mythology:  1.  supernatural characters/events, 2.  reward/punishment 3.  explains the origin of something 4.  moral lesson  5. transformations occur Read Icarus & Daedlus (compare to Baucis & Philemon)

Thursday:  Read “Medusa’s Head” pg. 353, reading check pg. 364

Friday:  voc. test #9, read “Perseus and the Gorgon’s Head” pg. 360 quiz


Dec. 17-21, 2018

Monday:  Benchmark test review (Go over half of terms...test practice pg. 114-119)

Tuesday:  Complete benchmark test review

Wednesday:  Reading BENCHMARK TEST

Thursday:  Reading BENCHMARK TEST

Friday: Spiral evaluation, go over benchmark test results



Dec. 10-14, 2018 

Monday:  voc. #8 roots:  ali= other, alt = high, anni, annu, enni = year, aster/astr= star

alien, alibi, alias, altitude, anniversray, annual, centennial, asterisk, asteroid, astronomy

Thank you notes


Tuesday:  “What Do Fish Have to Do with Anything?”  pg. 556

inference questions

Wednesday: Notes over plot diagram

                    group writing assignment with yesterday’s story/quiz

Thursday:  Persuasian techniques pg. 724-729

Friday: voc. test #8

group commercial ads




Dec. 3-7, 2018

Monday:  Students will practice group poem in classroom

Tuesday:  Students will practice individual poems in classroom

Wednesday:  Students will practice in library

Thursday:  Final rehearsal in library



Nov. 26-30, 2018

Monday:  Send home parent letters explaining poetry festival slated for DECEMBER 7th

Read “Author’s Note” pg. 255-262 (complete handout)

Read Q&A interview with the author in “AFTERWORDS”

Tuesday:  Read “The Circuit” pg. 60 (Pearson text)

quiz over selection

Wednesday:  write drafts of phone #/address poems/take pics for banners

Thursday: final drafts/decorations for festival

Friday:  assign individual poems...sign up for refreshments


Nov. 19-20

Monday:  Read pgs. pgs. 234-247 (reading guide)

Tuesday:  Read pgs. 247-253





Nov. 12-16, 2018

Monday:  Read pgs. 158-178 (reading guide)

Tuesday: make-up Monday’s missed work

hours 1&2 (reading fluency teams)

Read pgs. 158-178 (reading guide)

Wednesday:  REad pgs 179-198 (quiz)

Thursday:  Read pgs. 199-213 (reading guide)

Friday:  Read pages 214-233 (5Q&A)


Nov. 5-9, 2018

Monday: voc. list #7:  makeshift, tinged, propelled, immunized, taut, regal, susceptible, encrusted, deportation, devoutly

Read pgs. 72-80 (silently) Students will answer questions from Friday’s reading and complete the questions on the test over pages 58-80.  (Open book)

Tuesday:  Read pages 81-99 (aloud)  Give oral quiz following reading assignment

Wednesday:  Read pages 100-120 (illustration blocks)

Thursday:  Read pages 121-138 (complete template for illustration, sentence, and summary)

Friday:  voc. test #7

Read pages 139-157 (quiz)



Oct. 29-Nov. 2, 2018

Monday:  voc. list #6:  arbors, tendril, reaping, premonition, serenaded, massive, capricious, forlorn, anguish, methodically

Spiral Evaluation/ go over answers for the ACT classroom tests

anticipation guide

Tuesday: read pgs. 1-22 (quiz)

Wednesday:  read pgs. 23-38 (quiz)

Thursday:  read pgs. 39-57 (5 Q&A)

Friday: voc test #6

read pages 58-72 (reading guide)

read pgs. 72-80 (quiz over pages 58-80)



Oct. 22-26, 2018


Monday:  Final Draft Day: Complete final 2 poems in collection, work on illustrations

Tuesday:  Work on Cover Design, Title Page, and Dedication Page

Wednesday: FINAL final draft day

Thursday:  ACT Aspire Classroom tests #1, 2, 3 (Poetry Book Mail in deadline!)

Friday:  No School: Staff Development Day



Oct. 15-19, 2018

Monday:  Final Draft Day

Tuesday:  If You Really Knew Me poems

Wednesday:  Author Acrostics



Oct. 8-12, 2018

Monday:  Read/discuss models of odes

Select a person/place as the subject of an ode

Tuesday:  Examine models of limericks, paying attention to the rhyme scheme (aabba) and syllable count in lines 1,2,5 = 8 syllables, lines 3-4 = 5 syllables

Wednesday:  read/discuss models of “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” poems.  Students will brainstorm favorite pasttimes of the past, the present, and what they anticipate for the future to complete this poem

Thursday:  read/discuss student models of “There’s a __________ inside me” poems.  Students will brainstorm traits of their chosen subject to develop an extended metaphor about themselves



Oct. 1-5, 2018

Monday:  voc. #5: haiku, alliteration, cinquain, personification, onomatopoeia, imagery, rhyme, ode, limerick

write 2 contrasting haiku:  (summer/winter, elephant/ant, desert/ocean, etc.)

Tuesday:  write color poems

Wednesday:  write 5 senses season cinqains

Thursday:  write a place poem (The best place to write a poem...the worst place to write a poem)

Friday: voc. test #5




Sept. 24-28, 2018

Monday:  voc.#4 (simile, metaphor)

Write one statement completing the line “Poetry is...” (These lines will be put together to form a class collaborative poem)

Students will write 3 descriptive sentences in their composition notebooks using similes/metaphors.

Tuesday:  Read model poem “Poetry Rides the Bus” as an example of a personification poem

Brainstorm positive/negative abstract nouns: (joy, misery, determination, frustration, etc.)

Students will select a subject from their brainstorming list to create an original personification poem (minimum 12 lines)

Wednesday:  Read models of prep. phrase poems

Students will write original prep. phrase poems with a minimum of 5 prep. phrases included

Thursday:  Read Lucille Clifton’s “The 1st” as a model of a memory poem

Students will select a memory of their own to draft an original memory poem (minimum 8 lines)

Friday:  voc test #4

FINAL DRAFT DAY (Students will prepare final drafts of poems composed this week in their packets)



Sept. 17-21, 2018

Monday:  Parent-Teacher conferences (12-7)

Tuesday:  Begin film version of the novel

(note 5 differences between film/novel)

Wednesday:  Continue film

(note 5 similarities between film/novel)

Thursday:  ACT ASPIRE INTERIM TEST 1 (computer lab 109)

Friday:  Complete film

pyramid activity



Sept. 10-14, 2018

Monday:  voc. #3 = gruel, stabilized, toxic, prodigy, illiterate, furrowed, trussed, precaution, bloated, abduction

Read pgs. 115-121 (following reading assignment, review Freak’s dictionary at back of novel)

Tuesday: Read pgs. 122-134 (quiz)

Wednesday:  Read pgs 135-146 (reading guide)

Thursday: Read pages 147-160 … discuss themes (life lessons) that are evident in the novel.  Take notes over these:

Isolation: Hiding from problems won’t solve them.

Appearances:  Appearances can be deceiving

Family:  Who your parents are does not determine who you are.

Friendship: A true friend is a gift to treasure.

Memory: Writing about memories can bring healing.

Change: Life is all about change.

Friday: voc. test #3

             AR test over novel

             In composition notebook, select one of the themes from notes and cite evidence from the novel to show how this theme can be supported.

Sept. 3-7. 2018

Monday:  NO SCHOOL (Labor Day)

Tuesday:  read ch. 11 (reading guide)

Wednesday:  read pgs. 72-87 (5 Q&A)

Thursday:  read pgs. 88-99 (select significant sentences)

Friday:  read pgs. 100-114 (reading guide)


August 27-31, 2018

Monday: voc. #2 (methods of characterization: direct, indirect)

ASATOD = appearance, speech, actions, thoughts, other’s opinions, direct characterization Freak the Mighty anticipation guide

Tuesday:  Begin Freak the Mighty: read ch 1-3/quiz

Wednesday:  read ch. 4-5/ reading guide

Thursday:  read ch. 6-8/quiz

Friday:  voc. test #2

read ch. 9-10 (illus. blocks)

August 20-24, 2018

Monday:  voc. list #1 (life principle words)

Begin 20 questions group activity (textbook scavenger hunt)

Tuesday: complete 20 questions qroup activity...go over answers...share descriptive paragraphs

Wednesday:  Read “Eleven” pg. 574 (Holt text) quiz

Thursday:  Discuss character traits/life principle connections of characters in story (group)

Brainstorm positive/negative clothing memories

Friday:  voc. test #1

write clothing narratives in composition notebooks

Aug. 15-17, 2018

Wednesday:  class policy

Thursday:  goal letters

Friday:  supplies/10 unique traits