Lesson Plans

Technology Engineering Lesson Plans 

Feb 19, 2 2018

6th Grade 

Monday -  No School

Tuesday –  Delta Dart – Attach wing, set Dia. Angle on wings. Glue on rear wing & brace 

Wednesday  Delta Dart –  Fligtht prep plane. Rubber band and prop install

Thursday  –Delta Dart – Flight Day 1 in gym

Friday  – Delta Dart – Repair any plains & get into problem Solving Groups

7th Grade

Monday - No School

Tuesday  – Dragster Design – install Screw eyes, super glue them in, Spec cars and apply # sticker cars

Wednesday   – Dragster Design – Race Day

Thursday   – Dragster Design – Race top 10 cars 

Friday   – Show top cars in class and School

8th Grade

Monday - No School

Tuesday Dragster Design –  Dragster Design – Race top 10 cars 

Wednesday  Dragster Design –  Dragster Design – Show top cars in class and School

Thursday  Structures – Worksheet – Calculate Max velocity of cars

Friday  Structures – Problem Solving Friday – project


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