Daily Schedule

Lesson Plans for Nov. 13-17


1r Hr  Tutorial 6th Grade Mon- Fri  Students will work on any subject they are having trouble with and will finish any homework they have.

2nd Hr.  8th Grade Reading Lab

Mon. Cause and Effect  Cause is listed and Student must put One Negative Effect.

Tues  Cause and Effect  Cause is listed and Students must add one Positive effect.

Wed.  Students will have a reading comprehension packet that includes Cause and Efffectand they will completeit.

Thurs.Cause and Effect  Short paragraph is lested and students have to put the cause and the effect.

Fri.  Finish all work on Cause and Effect.

3rd Hr.  Advisory  Students in this class are in here to do their AR reading. 

3rd. Hr.  Co-teach with Mrs. Lightfoot.  We are reading” Esperanza Rising” and doing various comprehension worksheets

4th Hr.  6th grade reading lab  

Mon.   Cause and Effect  Match the Cause and theEffect.

Tues.  Complete Worksheets with the cause listed and the student has to put one negative effect.

Wed.  Complete Cause and Effect wrksh. where Cause is listed and student has to put one positive effect

Thur.Cause and Effect  There is a sentence and students have to complete the cause and the effect,

Fri.  continue wwith Cause and Effect to make sure all students understand the concept.

5th hr. Planning

6th Hr.  Co teach with Mrs. Brack’s English class.  Mon – Fri

7th Hr.  &th grade reading lab  Students are reading and doing book reports on the book they are reading.

Lesson Plans -Nov. 20-21

Nov. 20th  6th grade tutorial  Mon Tues  Students will work on assignments they may not have finished, and will then read AR books

2nd Hr.  8th Grade reading lab  Mon.  Wrapping up Cause and Effect  Students will read a short paragraph and complete the cause and the Effect of the it.

Tues. Students will finish Cause and Effectfrom yesterday.


3rd Hr.8th grade Advisory  Mon & Tues. Students will do AR .

3rd Hr  Co-teaching with Mrs. Lightfoot Mon.& Tues  students will finish up “Esparanza Rising” and complete comprehension pages

4th hour  6th grade Reading Lab   Mon & Tues Students will finish up Cause and Effect, by completing worksheets with one sentence.  The students will then put a positive and a negative effect, for the cause that is listed.

5th Hr. Planning

6th Hr.  Co-teaching with Mrs. Brack’s class (8th)

7th Hr.  Mon & Tues  Students will read a selection of non-fiction, discuss the selection and complete the Comprehension questions.


1st hr.  6th grade tutorial Students will finish any work they have not completed.  Then they will work on decorations for the Poetry Festival.They will also work on Context clues to learn new meaings for words they don’t know.

2nd hr.  8th grade reading lab  Students  will complete worksheets over Context Clues all week

3rd hr. Advisory 8th grade

4th Hr.  Co-teach with Mrs. Lightfoot.  Finishing up different projects for the Poetry Festival. All week

5th hr. Planning period

6th hr.  Co-teach with Mrs. Brack  Reading A Christmas Carol All week

7th hr..7th Grade complete worksheets on Context Clues. All week  




1st hr.  6th grade tutorial Mon.-Fri  Finish any work not completed for homework.

2nd Hr.   8th grade reading lab.  Finish up with Context clues and spend the rest of the week reviewing for Semester tests.  Main Idea, Inference, Cause and Effect and context clues.

3rd hr.  Co-teaching with Mrs. Lightfoot  We are preparing for Poetry Festival.

4th Hr.  Reading lab with 6th grade.  We are preparing for Poetry Festival and telling Miss Segawa goodbye

5th Hr. Planning

6th hr.  Coteaching with Mrs. Brack Finishing up A Christmas Carol and Article on Dyslexia.

7th hr.  7th grade reading lab  Origami with Miss Segawa and reviewing  for Semester test  


  Dec 11-15

Monday -Tues All Classes will Review Main Idea, Inference ,Cause and Effect and Context Clues


Wed. All classes will take thwie semester tests, over the above.



Tuesday all classes  READ  “S IS FOR SOONERS “Discuss and ask questions about facts concerning Oklahoma heritage.

Wed.-  All classes  Continue with S Is For Sooner facts

Thurs.  Fill out Study Guide for S Is For Sooner

Friday  Take test on S Is For Sooner


Jan 8-12

Monday  All classes  Read and Discuss the 12 Days Of Christmas in Oklahoma

Tuesday  All Classes Finish discussing the 12 Days Of Christmas in Oklahoma

Wed.  Work on Study Guide for The 12 Days of Christmas in Oklahoma.

Thursday  Take test on 12 Days of Christmas in OK

Friday  AR 


Jan. 16-19

Tuesday 8th grade reading  Start Oliver Twist  Chspters 1-2

                                                Read together and discuss the chapters.. Short quiz on what was read.

Tuesday 6th grade reading   Start Stone Fox Read chapter 1 and discuss  then answer short questions on a quiz


Tuesday 7th grade reading   Start Wild At Heart  Read chpater 1 and discuss and then complete ahort quiz


Wed. 8th grade   Read chapter 3-4 and discuss


Wed. 6th grade   Read Chapter 2 and discuss.  Complete Crossword puzzle 


Wed. 7th grade  Read Chapter 2 and discuss.


Thur.  8th grade read chapters  5-6 and discuss.  Complete short quiz.


Thur.  6th grade  Read Chapter  3 and discuss.


Thur 7th grade  Read chapter 3 and discuss and complete short quiz.


Friday  8th grade  read  Chapters 7-8  and discuss.  Test over what was read


Fri.  6th grade  Read chapters  4-5 and discuss.  Test over what was read.


Fri7th  Read chapters  4-5  and discuss  Test over what was read



Monday  All classes will continue to read and discuss the novels they have been reading:

6th  Stone Fox,  7th  Wild At Heart,  8th  Oliver Twist.

Tues.  Continue reading

Wed.  Continue reading

Thur.  Quiz over the entie book  6th Grade and 8th Grade

Friday Finish the Butter Cream Gang movie 6th grade and 8th grade  7th Grade  Contiue to read and discuss Wild At Heart









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