Week of August 28-September 1

Monday:  metric conversion ws and notes in composition nb

Tuesday:  measuring mass:  computer lab OHAUS /drawing of TBB in composition NB 

Wednesday:  measuring mass (science lab) : water displacement lab

Thursday:  quided reading : Measurement a common language (questions 1-24/voc p 503 green textbook 

Friday:  foldable metric system / density : bottles of stuff explanation 



Week of September 4-September 7th 

Monday:  No school Labor Day

Tuesday: density notes and problems (composition notebook)

Wednesday: float or sink computer lab and analysis questions 1-8  HW conclusions 

Thursday: volume of liquids demo and drawing / measurement review 

Friday :  metric mania measurement review ws 


Week of September 11-15th 

Monday :  grade skills test (Leaf paper)           

                p 502 voc words(6)

               review ws Measurement 

               finish metric mania             

Tuesday:   measurement test review /quiz side of ws 

Wednesday:  measurement test /xword science words

Thursday ;   graphing notes; double bar graph : germination studies

Friday:  double line graph : high low temperature


Lesson plans for week of September 18-22nd

Monday:  parent teacher conferences 12-7

Tuesday:  go over tests

                graphing notes and germination studies (double bar graph)

Wednesday:  High low temperature graph (double bar graph)

Thursday:  Guided reading p 8-10 and voc 521 green text book 

Friday : bubble lab and graph (bar graph


September 25-29th

Monday :  graphing review and quiz ws  

Tuesday:   heat retention study  ( Bring supplies from home  for thursday  

 Wednesday: scienctific inquiry (guided reading  p 1-3 ;  use red textbook )

Thursday :test cup and contruct  a line graph (10 minutes total tiime  )

Friday :  vocabulary and review questions  ws (p 6 red book voc list 


Lesson plans for Oct 2-6th 

Monday :  sponge bob controls and variables part 1 ; definitions for scientific method 

Tuesday:  sponge bob controls and variables part 2 

Wednesday:  cricket experiment :  class activity 

thursday:  sponge bob experiments

Friday:  write your own experiment : bubble gum example 


Lesson plans for October 9-13th 

Monday:  safety symbols drawings and read safety rules p 583

Tuesday:  recognizing lab safety:  writing the meaning of the symbols

                lab safety pictures :  finding the safety mistakes 

                What not to do lab

Wednesday:  section1 p 464-4669 green book ; finish process skills review ws 

                      boy in the water ws ; review ws 

Thursday:  bm review 

Friday:  bm 1 


Week of September 19-23rd

Monday:  Parent Teacher conferences  No school

Tuesday: length, mass or volume quiz ;  Converting metrics notes  and ws 

Wednesday:  day 2  converting metrics practice and quiz 

Thursday:  begin density :  notes and problems 

Friday:  Mass , volume or density worksheet 

             volume of liquids demo with straws 


Week if September 26th -30th

Monday:  Measurement :  A common language 

Tuesday:  Scientific measurement review 

Wednesday :  Test Measurement unit 

Thursday:  Double bar graph:  Germination study

Friday:  Double line graph :  High Low temperatures


Week of October 1-5th 

Monday:  cricket experiment (hands on practice doing a controlled scientific investigation

Tuesday:  Notes scientific method and vocabulary ; xword over notes

Wednesday:  spongebob controls and variables ws 1 in class together and 2 homework 

Thursday:  spongebob experiments ws and voc test over scientific method voc from tuesday

Friday:  safety symbols (drawings) and rules for lab 

            hw;  pictures of what not to do  


 Week of October 3-7th

Monday: green book and pencil questions 520-525    and   Review ws 

Tuesday:  Heat Retention study (graphing activity from science journal)

Wednesday: STEM activity – heat retention container and experiment with water and thermometers

Thrusday:  Graph and conclusion from experiment 

                   begin scientific method vocabulary

Friday:  review ws for benchmark test 


Week of October 10-12th 

Monday:  benchmark test review and lab review 

Tuesday:  benchmark test

Wednesday:  Go over benchmark and prepare packet of 1st nine weeks paper (form sent home for parents to sign)


Week of October 17 – 21st

Monday:  Cricket mock experiment :  No homework

Tuesday:  Notes  (scientific method) and vocabulary

                HW scientific method review xword

Wednesday:  Scientific method : controls and variables part 1 

                    HW   Part 2  experiments 1 and 2 

Thursday:  complete part 2 of controls and variables

                   HW scientific method Bikini Bottom experiments ws 

Friday:  no school … staff development 


Week of October 24-28th Lesson Plans 

Monday:  finish Bikinni bottom experiments/ bouncy  ball scientific investigation

Tuesday:  complete investigation and present to the class

Wednesday:  green textbook 478-485 /review ws 

Thursday:  Classification :  definition and activity 

Friday: Silly science/ feature creature :  using a dichotomous key

                  hw :  fish identification

Week of October 31-Nov 4th

Monday:  Guided reading 1-1 

Tuesday: Vocabulary 1-1 and notes (foldable 1-1)

Wednesday:  Notes over 1-2 on foldable 

Thursday:  Review ws 1-1, 1-2 and voc 1-2

Friday:  venn diagram states of matter and changes of state 

             Video gases 


Lesson plans for week of Nov. 7-11th 

Monday:  sect 1-3 gas behavior notes and review ws 

Tuesday:  Test review 

Wednesday:  Test chapter 1

Thursday:  notes matter and its changes/ activity worksheet

Friday:  video Matter / xword (go over test)  Veterans day assemble hrs 2-3


Lesson plans for week of Nov 13-17th

Monday:  Notes over changes in matter:  demo mystery bag 

Tuesday:  review ws and voc Changes in matter; review ws describing matter 

Wednesday:  key terms , math skills ws 

Thursday:  review for test 

Friday :  test chapter 2 


Lesson plans for week of Nov 20, 21st

Monday:  ACT aspire review 

Tuesday:  ACT aspire review 


Lesson plans for week of Nov 27th -Dec 1st

Monday :  guided reading what is energy? notes on foldable 

Tuesday:  what is energy review/quiz/  start energy poster  Kinetic potential energy 

Wednesday:  voc energy chapter/ assess your understanding p 41 and 45

Thursday: forms of energy gr and continue on poster forms of energy 

Friday:  forms of energy review/quiz   contintue poster  forms of energy 


Lesson plans for week of Nov 21,22

Monday :  Test over elements and symbols 

Tuesday: ppt : drawing electron energy shells and do 20 elements together 


Lesson plans for week of Novw 28-Dec 2 

Monday:  changes in matter GR 

                voc p 62 red book 

                start Who am I (element puzzle)

Tuesday:  Research Adopt an element in the library

Wednesday:  finish research and do report (specific assigned questions on a work page)

Thursday:  Research presentation to the class

Friday:  Physical and chemical changes activity /candle burning observations 


Lesson plans for week of Dec 5-9 

Monday:  Key terms / math skills  intro to matter

                finish Who am I ?

Tuesday:  Element, compound, mixture activity/ ws

Wednesday: Pretest intro to matter

Thursday:  Test Intro to matter

Friday:  Classification activity


Lesson plans for week of December 12-16th

Monday;  Silly science / fish sorting (classification ws)

Tuesday:  Benchmark review

Wednesday:  Benchmark review 

Thursday:  Benchmark test 2 

Friday:  Element research  computer  lab



Lesson plans for week of Jan 3-6th 

Monday:  no school

Tuesday:  AR reading /video biomes and ecosystems 15 min 

Wednesday:  ACT aspire review interim test energy 

                     review kinetic energy equation and energy conversions( Friction )

Thursday:  ACT aspire stalactite/stalagmite video erosion and deposition 

                  water cycle drawing and questions act aspire (changes of state )density (demo) density difference in hot/cold water 

Friday:  experimental design voc review/ act aspire magnets and continue any questions from act 1 2 3 


Week of January 22-26th 

Monday :  Notes Electricity;  guided reading static electrcity and charge

Tuesday:  Notes electricity :  review ws static electeicity and charge

Wednesday:  conductors and Insulators activity 

Thursday:  Notes Orsted’s experiment and  electromangetic force guided reading 

Friday :  assess your understanding electromagnetic force :  honor choir gone 


Week of January 29-Feb 2nd

Monday :  Grade assess your understanding and GR elecromagnetism 

                  Lab making an electrmagnet/  review ws and quiz/ video electromagnetism 

Tuesday:  Electromagnetism and motion GR / discover activity 

Wednesday: assess your understanding and pencil questions p 86-89 /  draw and label an electric motor /

Thursday:  Making an electric motor 

Friday:  questions over motors /review ws and quiz 


Week of February 5-9th

Monday :  test part 1 Magnetism

Tuesday:  test part 2 electromagnetisma and motion 

Wednesday:  Chapt 4 video

                    pp. 112-118 pencil questions and notes (foldable )

                    begin voc p 113 if time 

Thursday:  chapt 4 p 119-121 pencils questions and assess your understanding 

                  voc p 113 /review ws 

Friday;  quiz sect 1                                                                                                                                                                                           p 123-128 notes and pencil questions  

            Sillly science taxonomic key practice

            p 129 hw apply it